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Comment on XFDL Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the XFDL submission from UWI (Unisoft Wares Incorporated).

The submission describes an XML syntax for the Extensible Forms Description Language (XFDL) to represent complex forms such as those found in business and government.

XFDL includes support for high precision layout, supporting documentation, integrated computations and input validation, multiple overlapping digital signatures, and legally binding auditable transaction records.

XFDL specification mixes in one single markup format: content, layout, actions and encryption.

The submission is related to the following activities of W3C:

XFDL provides full non-repudiation and auditability by storing the form template, data, and internal logic in a single filethat can be digitally signed. XFDL also offers built-in logic, calculations, type checking, enclosures, and online help.

W3C policy is to separate content and presentation. XFDL combines content, layout, actions and digital signature.
Obviously, on many topics the XFDL submission relates to a large number of W3C activities.

Next Steps :

XFDL should be reviewed by the HTML working group as a starting point for consideration of requirements for the next generation of HTML forms.

XFDL will be announced within the Electronic Commerce Interest Group for comments.

A "Call for Participation" for the creation of DSig 2.0 working group is in progress. This project is currently awaiting staffing. At such time as a working group is formed, XFDL will be presented to it for their consideration (like the Signed Document Markup Language (SDML)).

Future work on DOM and XML should also consider these specific form needs in the technologies being built.

Thierry MICHEL, W3C E Commerce Activity Lead
Dave Raggett, W3C HTML Activity Lead
$Date: 1998/10/16 12:05:17 $