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Comment on DCD Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the DCD submission from IBM and Microsoft. As noted in the Abstract and Acknolwedgements, it builds on recent W3C work on metadata and structured documents, making use of RDF to expand and refine portions of the XML-Data submission.

Next Steps

A briefing package for the next phase of the W3C XML Activity has recently been reviewed by the W3C Membership and approved. Work begins with a meeting in Montreal in August, co-located with the GCA conference. The DCD Note is among the preparation materials for that meeting.

The W3C membership is invited to discuss the disposition of the submission in the w3c-ac-forum mailing list or to advise the director in confidence via the W3C staff contact.

Disclaimer: Placing a Submission on a Working Group agenda does not imply endorsement by either the W3C Staff or the participants of the Working Group, nor does it guarantee that the Working Group will agree to take any specific action on a Submission.

Dan Connolly, W3C Architecture Domain Lead
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