This document describes the terms used for the Webmention protocol and provides a namespace so each term has an HTTP IRI.

Status of This Document

This document is merely a W3C-internal document. It has no official standing of any kind and does not represent consensus of the W3C Membership.

1. Introduction

This document describes the vocabulary terms used in the [Webmention] protocol along with the default JSON-LD Context.

This specification makes use of the following namespaces:


2. Class definitions

The following are class definitions in the wm namespace:

A Webmention is a notification about a relationship between two Web documents.

3. Property definitions

The following are property definitions in the wm namespace:

The source document contains a link to the target document.
The target document is being linked to by the source.
Identifies a target URI that supports the Webmention protocol. This allows clients that mention a resource in some form of publishing process to contact that endpoint and inform it that this resource has been mentioned. Equivalent to [IANA] "webmention" link relation.

A. References

A.1 Informative references

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