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The <del> element represents a removal from the document.


  • This elements should not cross implied paragraph boundaries.

HTML Attributes

  • cite = valid URL potentially surrounded by space
    Specify the address of a document that explains the change. For example, the minutes of meeting.
  • datetime = valid date string with optional time
    Specify the time and date of the change.

See also global attributes.


Example A

The following shows a "to do" list where items that have been done are crossed-off with the date and time of their completion [try it]:

<h1>To Do</h1>
 <li>Empty the dishwasher</li>
 <li><del datetime="2009-10-11T01:25-07:00">Watch Walter Lewin's lectures</del></li>
 <li><del datetime="2009-10-10T23:38-07:00">Download more tracks</del></li>
 <li>Buy a printer</li>

HTML Reference

The HTML5 specification defines the <del> element in 4.7.2 The del element.