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The <command> element represents a command that the user can invoke.


  • A command can be part of a context menu or toolbar, using the menu element, or can be put anywhere else in the page, to define a keyboard shortcut.

HTML Attributes

  • type = command/ checkbox/ radio
    Indicates the kind of command:
    • command
      Normal command with an associated action.
    • checkbox
      State or option that can be toggled.
    • radio
      Selection of one item from a list of items.
  • label = string
    Gives the name of the command, as shown to the user.
    The label attribute must be specified and must have a value that is not the empty string.
  • icon = valid non-empty URL potentially
    Gives a picture that represents the command.
  • disabled = boolean
    If present, indicates that the command is not available in the current state.
  • checked = boolean
    If present, indicates that the command is selected.
    The attribute must be omitted unless the type attribute is in either the Checkbox state or the Radio state.
  • radiogroup = string
    Gives the name of the group of commands that will be toggled when the command itself is toggled, for commands whose type attribute has the value "radio".

See also global attributes.

Also, the title attribute has special semantics on this element.


Example A

[try it]:

<menu type="toolbar">
  <command type="radio" radiogroup="alignment" checked="checked"
          label="Left" icon="icons/alL.png" onclick="setAlign('left')">
  <command type="radio" radiogroup="alignment"
          label="Center" icon="icons/alC.png" onclick="setAlign('center')">
  <command type="radio" radiogroup="alignment"
          label="Right" icon="icons/alR.png" onclick="setAlign('right')">
  <command type="command" disabled="disabled"
          label="Publish" icon="icons/pub.png" onclick="publish()">

HTML Reference

The HTML5 specification defines the <command> element in 4.12.3 The command element.