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Notes for the ISSUE-41 CP

The other two Change Proposals

What are the use-cases for allowing authors to create proprietary (but validating) HTML elements?

Hixie: "I have been unable to come up with a generic syntax for vocabulary extension that looks (even slightly) like XML and that would actually work in practice on the Web"

Important for extensions to be able to survive syndication:

Feasability of CSS-like <-vendor-foo>:

class="" is for use as an author-level extension syntax.

A bunch of potential use-cases and Henri's replies to them:

Microdata adds extensibility points to HTML:

Comments on the "adding new features to the core Web language without peer review" use-case:

Disambiguation isn't a real problem:

Issue 41 is about enabling decentralized parties to create their own languages.

DOM consistency and : in names

Sam: "Suffice it to say that as long as the answer works out that there is no mechanism by which independent parties can define new elements, I will never be satisfied."

Prefix indirection is bad, mmmkay?