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Add link to Canvas 2d context spec


Provide a direct link to the W3C canvas 2d context spec


Currently readers of the W3C HTML5 specification must open a 3rd party wiki page in order to access a link to the W3C 2d context specification. there is no explanation of 2dcontext for authors in the HTML5 spec or a direct link to it even though its the defacto primary context used with the canvas element. For example, every example of the 100's available on canvasdemos.com all make use of 2d context.

Adding a clear link directly to the HTML Canvas 2D Context spec will benefit authors and users as important information in regards to making canvas accessible is contained in the 2dcontext spec.

Not providing a link is a selfish act based not on good editing but on politics. It does a disservice to HTML5, to authors and users.


after the following:

"A canvas element can have a primary context, which is the first context to have been obtained for that element. When created, a canvas element must not have a primary context." http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/Overview.html#the-canvas-element Revision: 1.4648

add the following or something along the same lines which provides a direct link to the HTML Canvas 2D Context and provides useful context about the link.:

"The most commonly used primary context is the HTML Canvas 2D Context"


Positive Effects

Makes it much easier for authors to access information about the most commonly used context.

Negative Effects

Absolutely NONE

Conformance Classes Changes



the W3C HTML5 specification may become more useful to authors.