The goal of this document is to capture the HTML WG's consensus as to the degree of testing in some areas of the HTML 5.0 specification, in order satisfy its agreed-upon exit criteria. This document is therefore all about process.

The objective is emphatically not to provide a roadmap for actual test writing. For that purpose, the testing effort's coverage document is the appropriate source of information.

The exit criteria allow the group to make a judgement call about which parts of the spec need decent tests that can demonstrate sufficient interoperability, and which can be considered okay without much of a testing effort.

The general idea is that HTML 5.0 is just one milestone in what is likely to be a longish list of further milestones. As such it needs to be an improvement on the past and a good stepping stone for the next milestones. In other words, we're not aiming for perfection, but we want to avoid making it harder to reach in future.

Based on this plan, the group picked which parts it honestly felt needed addressing as opposed to the bits it felt were good enough. "Good enough" is of course a rough metric; we based our assessment on our experience in using given features in development.

To put things differently, the goal is two-fold:

  • Reaching Recommendation so that the RF policy can kick in;
  • Having that milestone, HTML 5.0, be an artefact of sufficient quality for real world industrial usage.
Considered interoperable
Requires testing (from WG decision in April 2013) needs testing
Features at risk at risk
Informative, doesn't need testing
Considered to be sufficiently tested to exit CR
Critical sections for CR exit priority