Input for Agenda Planning for the HTML Media Task Force

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Action Items Pending Review

There are 7 pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-35 (edit) pending review Inform privacy ig who we spoke to in feb about bug 22910 Paul Cotton 2013-09-18
ACTION-38 (edit) pending review Implement bug 21854 Adrian Bateman 2013-08-27
ACTION-41 (edit) pending review Implement proposal in bug 17750 comment #8 Adrian Bateman 2013-10-29
ACTION-50 (edit) pending review Work on proposal for bug 23619 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05
ACTION-56 (edit) pending review Respond to david's comments in bug 21854 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05
ACTION-66 (edit) pending review Contact tag and determine what their status is and whether we should review/comment Paul Cotton 2014-10-21
ACTION-69 (edit) pending review Provide an answer on bug 26573 Paul Cotton 2014-11-07

Overdue action items

There are 7 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-62 (edit) open Report back about the plan for 20944 due 2013-12-15 Paul Cotton 2013-12-10 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-84 (edit) open (really rustamk) to update uses cases and arrange for further discussion Paul Cotton 2015-04-22 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-93 (edit) open Get in touch with webappsec wg about the "privileged context" which is more generic than saying https, etc." (really on bob lund) Paul Cotton 2015-10-24 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-99 (edit) open Action mattwolenetz to split bug27242 into issues Paul Cotton 2015-11-05
ACTION-102 (edit) open to file issue around the frame-accurate timing issue (really rustamk) Joe Steele 2015-11-05
ACTION-105 (edit) open Process the eme initdata correlation issue Jerry Smith 2015-11-06
ACTION-106 (edit) open Propose soluiton for issue-19 David Dorwin 2015-11-06

Action items due next week

There are 0 upcoming actions.

Issues discussed over the last week

There are 0 recently discussed issues listed in the system.

Raised Issues

There is 1 raised issue listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit)
RAISED Consider moving the Clear Key definition into a separate specification 2013-04-30 0

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