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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed And editors to implement proposal 2b by revising EME specification David Dorwin 2012-08-17
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Propose a resolution to bug 17673 Mark Watson 2012-08-17
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Propose resolution to bug 17682 John Simmons 2012-09-11
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Propose a solution for bug 17672 David Dorwin 2012-09-18
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Follow-up on Key Release mail thread now that the OO changes have been made - discuss on next call Mark Watson 2012-08-28
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Give a couple of examples for section 2 Aaron Colwell 2012-11-01
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Provide a well-defined description of the uses cases along with some diagrams showing the various parties. Joe Steele 2012-12-11
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Discuss 17673 with dsinger John Simmons 2012-12-18
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Discuss 17682 with markw and propose text for JSON solution John Simmons 2012-12-18
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Discuss bug 21855 with johnsim Adrian Bateman 2013-06-11
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Write a proposal for the case where the data is not available to the JS Mark Watson 2013-04-16
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Add text to Editor's Draft for bug 21155 Mark Watson 2013-05-28
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Review comments and add text to editor's draft for bug 19009 Adrian Bateman 2013-06-25
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Fix bug 16857 with mark's comment #4 David Dorwin 2013-05-28
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Add text based on henri's comment to the spec for bug 21203 Adrian Bateman 2013-05-28
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Implement the change in bug 21977 in the draft David Dorwin 2013-05-28
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Provide feedback on keySystem string bugs 16540 and 20798 Adrian Bateman 2013-05-28
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Implement the changes for 20691 and 20338 David Dorwin 2013-05-28
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Will work with adrianba and jdsmith to make a proposal for bug 21854 John Simmons 2013-06-04
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Implement bugs 16540 and 20798 per the suggestion in ACTION-17 Adrian Bateman 2013-06-25
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Work with Jerry to review bug 22137 and provide feedback Adrian Bateman 2013-07-02
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Work with jerry to confirm the proposal in 22136 is acceptable Adrian Bateman 2013-07-02
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Update spec for bug 22134 by the next call Aaron Colwell 2013-07-02
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Resolve 17203 independent from 17199 Adrian Bateman 2013-07-09
ACTION-25 (edit) closed And John S to work on corner cases for bug 17673 John Simmons 2013-09-17 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Implement bug 19096 in the editor's draft Adrian Bateman 2013-07-09
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Add comments to bug 17750 summarising the recent discussion of close Adrian Bateman 2013-08-13
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Propose non-normative text and resolve 22137 Adrian Bateman 2013-07-30
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Work with jerry to add text for 22136 into the spec Aaron Colwell 2013-07-30
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Implement closing 20966 Adrian Bateman 2013-08-27
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Propose text to resolve bug 18515 David Dorwin 2013-10-15 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Draft wiki page to register CDM key system names for bug 20944 Glenn Adams 2013-08-13
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Draft spec language for inclusions as note to address comment #15 of bug 20944 Glenn Adams 2013-08-13
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Draft language on potential privacy considerations for bug 20965 Glenn Adams 2013-08-13 eme-privacy-considerations
ACTION-35 (edit) pending review Inform privacy ig who we spoke to in feb about bug 22910 Paul Cotton 2013-09-18
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Review david comment 12 on bug 18515 and provide feedback Adrian Bateman 2013-08-20
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Update wiki provided for bug 20944 to cover the case where the drm is supporting by the os Mark Watson 2013-08-20
ACTION-38 (edit) pending review Implement bug 21854 Adrian Bateman 2013-08-27
ACTION-39 (edit) closed File bug about media format registry Aaron Colwell 2013-10-01
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Propose text for bug 17202 to propose how to share keys without leakage of information Joe Steele 2013-10-29 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-41 (edit) pending review Implement proposal in bug 17750 comment #8 Adrian Bateman 2013-10-29
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Ask jerry, mark, and dsinger to follow-up on bug 23169 Paul Cotton 2013-10-29 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Put proposal on the table for bug 23441 by the next meeting Aaron Colwell 2013-10-29 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Coordinate with markw and bbc on how to deal with bug 23557 John Simmons 2013-10-29
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Respond to bug 23558 Mark Watson 2013-10-29
ACTION-46 (edit) closed File bugs for a11y tf issues Aaron Colwell 2013-10-29
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Complete work on bug 21855 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for bug 17673 Adrian Bateman 2014-01-27 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Implement bug 23618 David Dorwin 2013-11-05
ACTION-50 (edit) pending review Work on proposal for bug 23619 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Write a proposal for bug 18515 Jerry Smith 2014-01-20 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for bug 22909 and bug 22910 Mark Watson 2013-11-05
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Propose how to resolve bug 17199 in light of resolution of bug 17550 Mark Watson 2013-11-05 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Revive bug 17660 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Come up with list of errors for bug 21798 David Dorwin 2013-11-05
ACTION-56 (edit) pending review Respond to david's comments in bug 21854 Adrian Bateman 2013-11-05
ACTION-57 (edit) closed File a bug on mse about the file api change Aaron Colwell 2013-12-10 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Speak to editors of file api spec about resurrecting "origin of blob" text in spec Adrian Bateman 2013-12-10 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Coordinate with web apps on the streams api, give them mse requirements and timeline Paul Cotton 2013-12-17 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Produce a summary of last call comments dispositions Adrian Bateman 2013-12-10 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Work with wendy to make sure we get a security review of eme Paul Cotton 2013-12-10 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-62 (edit) open Report back about the plan for 20944 due 2013-12-15 Paul Cotton 2013-12-10 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Provide a proposal for bug 24207 to define the shape of cleankey pssh boxes John Simmons 2014-01-28
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Review at the MSE test suite comments in Aaron Colwell 2014-04-22
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Make sure html5 bugs filed for item #3 related to MSE Paul Cotton 2014-04-16
ACTION-66 (edit) pending review Contact tag and determine what their status is and whether we should review/comment Paul Cotton 2014-10-21
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Discuss bug 24082 with adrian re - resolution Jerry Smith 2014-10-21
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Arrange meeting with sergey for bug 27055 Paul Cotton 2014-11-07
ACTION-69 (edit) pending review Provide an answer on bug 26573 Paul Cotton 2014-11-07
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Work with mikesmith to move the media repos from dvcs/hg to github. David Dorwin 2014-11-07
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Investigate testing status to move things forward Paul Cotton 2014-11-07
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Respond to bug 27283 Jerry Smith 2014-11-18
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Make proposal for resolving bug 26776 Jerry Smith 2015-03-09
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Comment on issue 33 Jerry Smith 2015-03-10
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Steele to ask chris pearce to review issue 31 Joe Steele 2015-03-10
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Review and comment on issues 16 and 18 Jerry Smith 2015-03-10
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Review pushback from apple on issue 9 Mark Watson 2015-03-10
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Look into @@iterators for issue 39 Mark Watson 2015-04-06
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for returning errors as per bug 26776 Jerry Smith 2015-03-30
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Organize potential f2f topics part of wiki and sent out notice asking for input from tf Paul Cotton 2015-03-31
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Contact henri about issue 40 Paul Cotton 2015-03-31
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Figure out what's going to happen to media controller Paul Cotton 2015-05-11
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Point web and tv ig members to the use case wiki page. Daniel Davis 2015-04-22
ACTION-84 (edit) open (really rustamk) to update uses cases and arrange for further discussion Paul Cotton 2015-04-22 Media Source Extensions
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Provide additional technical recommendations for persistent-release-message based on implementation experience Mark Watson 2015-04-23
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Send an update on bug 27269 David Dorwin 2015-08-21 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Carry out steps 1 thru 6 on the proposed solution to issue-41 Joe Steele 2015-04-30
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Check on whether the proposed generic license request/response protocol is in scope of the current html wg charter Paul Cotton 2015-05-20
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Do a html wg cfc to move eme to process 2014 and to move it to be published automatically to tr space for each editor's draft commit Paul Cotton 2015-04-23
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Update bug 20944 if the tf goes ahead with work on generic license request/response protocol Paul Cotton 2015-05-20 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-91 (edit) closed (really rustamk) to ask cable labs about their current eme testing and whether they can expose it to the tf Paul Cotton 2015-05-20
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Build a generic wiki agenda for future tf meetings Paul Cotton 2015-04-23
ACTION-93 (edit) open Get in touch with webappsec wg about the "privileged context" which is more generic than saying https, etc." (really on bob lund) Paul Cotton 2015-10-24 Encrypted Media Extensions
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Get robin's assistance to turn out automatic publishing on /tr for eme editor's draft Paul Cotton 2015-06-09
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Try to get some to update the firefox results Paul Cotton 2015-06-23
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Update microsoft mse test results Jerry Smith 2015-06-23
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Contact apple about safari support and if they are interested in mse testing Paul Cotton 2015-06-23
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Publish heartbeat by nov 15 for mse Jerry Smith 2015-11-15
ACTION-99 (edit) open Action mattwolenetz to split bug27242 into issues Paul Cotton 2015-11-05
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Make a cfc for issue-21 as Paul Cotton 2015-11-05
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Make a cfc for issue-28 as Paul Cotton 2015-11-05
ACTION-102 (edit) open to file issue around the frame-accurate timing issue (really rustamk) Joe Steele 2015-11-05
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Ask his developers about issue-98 Mark Watson 2015-11-06
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Ask adobe developers about issue-98 Joe Steele 2015-11-06
ACTION-105 (edit) open Process the eme initdata correlation issue Jerry Smith 2015-11-06
ACTION-106 (edit) open Propose soluiton for issue-19 David Dorwin 2015-11-06
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Publish the heartbeat Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-11-17
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Generate the new mse draft pr, pointing to the testing results Philippe Le Hégaret 2016-09-06

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