Week of 2010-02-22

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Sandro will review this page and mailed it out Monday morning (US/Eastern). Before then, coordinators please make sure it's accurate. After that, it should still be updated with changes.


These are telephone meetings open to all IG participants. To become an IG participant, see Get Involved. The notes from these meetings are public.

Wednesday, 24 Feb, 8am ET Data Management Coordinator: Daniel Bennett

  • Topic TBD

Thursday, 25 Feb, 10am ET Linked Data Outreach Coordinator: Cory Casanave

  • Brainstorm on technical scope: what are the pressing technical issues for government linked data, and what guidance can we provide?

Friday, 26 Feb, 9am ET Linked Data Demo Temporary Coordinator: Cory Casanave

  • How can we identify canidate demos (that exist) such that other demos can integrate with them?

Friday, 26 Feb, 3pm ET Social Media Coordinator: Brian Gryth

  • Review and determine the top 5 essential best practice for use of Social Media by government.

The IG and the other project groups are not scheduled to meet this week.