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Use Case 2 - XSD for DRM

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Use Case: XML Schema for Data Reference Model




Owen Ambur

Problem Definition

Data cannot be efficiently and effectively shared unless it first has been clearly identified and such descriptions are made readily accessible for indexing, query, and discovery on the Web.

Target population

The initial target populations (stakeholders) are data architects and data stewards within each government agency. Secondary stakeholders include intermediaries who add value to public information by aggregating, indexing, extending, and creatively displaying it for various interest groups. The ultimate beneficiaries will be citizens worldwide.


The XML schema (XSD) for the Data Reference Model (DRM) will specify the core elements required to describe and categorize public information for ease of discovery, access, and usage.

Target software

The XSD for the DRM should be implemented in software products for use by enterprise architects, data architects, librarians, records managers, and data stewards in all government agencies worldwide.

Identified problems or limitations

Agencies have resisted being expected to post their data descriptions (architectures) on their Web sites in XML format. They prefer instead to be allowed to continue to compile their data architectures internally in proprietary formats that cannot be readily shared across national governments, much less internationally.

Related initiatives

In conjunction with compilation of version 2.0 of the U.S. Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Data Reference Model (DRM), an XSD was drafted and is available at http://xml.coverpages.org/FEA-DRM-SchemaDraftV04-20060103.xsd and http://xml.gov/draft/drm20060105.xsd The FEA DRM 2.0 is described at http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2005-12-28-a.html and available at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/egov/documents/DRM_2_0_Final.pdf


The specification of an XSD for these purposes is implicit in the IG's data sharing objective. That objective cannot be effectively achieved without it.