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Transparency and Participation

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This was the main page for the Transparency and Participation Task Force and will serve as a resource for the activities of the group.


The Task Force mission is as follows:

  • Identify ways to improve government transparency and openness: identify any gaps to be filled in creating a complete suite of standards to enable open government information and ease the goal of linkable Public Sector Information.
  • Identify ways to increase citizenship participation: recognize new channels, ways to get the information to the citizens where the citizens are looking for it, and make better use of tools as means to increase citizenry awareness and participation while supporting champions, i.e. acknowledge and help active citizens and public servants.
  • Identify ways to increase citizens and businesses use of eGovernment services: get information on benefits of Web use for government services, identify main factors that are important for people and businesses to use eGovernment services such as time and money savings, simplicity, etc. and identify ways to improve them.


The major goal of the Interest Group will be the development of Interest Group Notes on Transparency and Participation in eGovernment. This Note will describe, at an appropriate level of generality, the challenges that were identified, the technical and administrative approaches used, and the needs of best practices, guidelines or new technologies to be developed (roadmap) in order to tackle the most relevant issues in the task forces' area of expertise.


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