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Seamless Integration of Data

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This was is the main page of the Seamless Integration of Data Task Force. The Task Force mission is as follows:

  • Identify how to advance the state-of-the-art in data integration strategies: identify ways for governments and computer science researchers to continue working together to advance the state-of-the-art in data integration and build useful, deployable proof-of-concept demos that use actual government information and demonstrate real benefit from linked data integration. These proof-of-concept tools ought to be targeted to applications that will show real improvement in areas that elected officials, government officers and citizens actually need. This area would include addressing the needs of business cases through the use of XML, SOA, and Semantic Web technologies.
  • Development of Interest Group Notes, according to the scope. These notes should identify challenges and opportunities, needed best practices, a roadmap for guidelines and/or new technologies, etc.

Areas of interest

This is the list of Proposed areas of interest.

Current Activities

Currently, the group is identifying possible scenarios to improve current capabilities in this area. These scenarios will be described as a set of Use Cases using a standard Use Case Template.

Related materials

We are mantaining a list of links to other initiatives in the  Related Links page.