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Related Initiatives

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With the aim to ensure collaboration and exchange of information between eGov IG and related initiatives, several were identified in the charter, namely at:


Evolution on potential liaisons and work with those and new ones of interest to the Group's work should be added here.

See also other involvements of Group Participants.


URL: http://pep-net.eu/wordpress/

PEP-NET will be a European network of all stakeholders active in the field of eParticipation. PEP-NET will use these new social networking tools to increase the availability of ICT-based solutions for public participation.


URL: http://xml.gov/stratml/

Strategy Markup Language (StratML) is an XML vocabulary and schema for strategic plans. The mission statement and goals of the eGov IG were captured by the StratML Community at: http://xml.gov/stratml/WEIG.xml

The eGov IG goals seem to be closely related to the purposes of StratML.


URL: http://ec.europa.eu/idabc/en/document/6728/5894

OSOR is an acronym standing for “Open Source Observatory and Repository” for European public administrations. Open Source needs Open Standards.

CEN/ISSS Workshop on Discovery of and Access to eGovernment Resource (WS/eGov Share)

URL: http://www.cen.eu/cenorm/businessdomains/businessdomains/isss/workshops/wsegovshare.asp


URL: http://www.semic.eu/

SEMIC.EU is an initiative by the European Commission to support the data exchange of pan-European eGovernment projects. It features a repository for semantic interoperability assets that are open for reuse in other projects, e.g. XML schema or multi-lingual taxonomies.