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Discussion continued with conversation threads between project members over the past few weeks.

There are a few suggestions for this projects focus:

  1. We look at existing Linked Data efforts from LDDemo practitioners and determine opportunities to demonstrate the combined use of DCAT, OPM, VOID and other vocabularies and the discover-ability/dereferencing mechanics of interlinked published data
  2. We work on interlinking existing open gov datasets.
  3. We use the W3C as a platform for communication and outreach, especially where conferences or other community cross fertilization can occur, using existing works of LDDemo practitioners.
  4. other...


Please be prepared to participate in the planned upcoming 2010-04-09 LDDemo telecon by;

  • Voting for 1, 2, or 3.
  • For 1, suggesting catalogs and datasets that are candidates for DCAT and OPM and other vocabularies and suggesting desired linkages and how to leverage VOID
  • For 2, proposing existing published open gov data for interlinking and any required means of achieving that
  • For 3, determining what work is demonstrative of principles or best practices relevant to open gov linked data and collateral authors/owners
  • For all, describing a 'user story' exercising these that can be used as an input to communication collateral that will highlight the work of this project

Any/all other ideas that are able to be executed are most welcome!

We'll need to emerge from this meeting with a clear set of goals/objectives to communicate to eGov IG chairs.



  • WWW2010, Raleigh NC, 4/26-30
  • LDOW2010, Raleigh NC, 4/27
  • (O'Reilly) Gov20 conference, 5/25-27 in Wash, DC, USA (where TBL is a keynote speaker).


  • W3C eGov IG participation (John, Sandro and others) at FOSE
  • Sunlight's Transparency Camp, 3/27-28 - George did a session on