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Discussion continued with conversation threads between project members over the past few weeks.

Suggestion is that we look at existing Linked Data efforts from LDDemo practitioners and look for opportunities to demonstrate the combined use of DCAT, OPM, and VOID vocabularies and the mechanics of discoverability or dereferencing sequences.

Given this LDDemo work, use the W3C as a platform for communication and outreach, especially where conferences or other community cross fertilization can occur.


Please be prepared to participate in the planned upcoming 2010-04-09 LDDemo telecon by;

  • Suggesting datasets that are candidates for DCAT and OPM
  • Suggesting desired domain linkages
  • Examining how this would be described via VOID
  • Describing a 'user story' exercising that dereference sequence



Noted today was the W3C eGov IG participation (John, Sandro and others) at FOSE


  • Sunlight's Transparency Camp, 3/27-28, George and other eGov IG'ers will be in attendance and offer to lead discussion related to LDDemo objectives.
  • WWW2010, Raleigh NC, 4/26-30
  • LDOW2010, Raleigh NC, 4/27
  • (O'Reilly) Gov20 conference, 5/25-27 in Wash, DC, USA (where TBL is a keynote speaker).