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Project Government Data Management

Areas of Interest

  • Access to the data for humans and machine/software
  • Accessibility standards
  • Referencing/citing the data
  • Providing documentation for the data and repositories
  • Integrating new with legacy data
  • Understanding and evaluating document standards (open vs. proprietary, legacy vs. redo, etc.)
  • Picking metadata standards for embedding within or outside of the data
  • Standards for aggregating or cataloging data
  • Entity (proper noun) naming standards
  • Considering permanence and provenance of data
  • Connecting the paper/physical data or objects to the digital forms of data (bar coding, etc)

Methods of Participation

Participation in this project can include:

  • Taking part in weekly phone conference and IRC chat (see below)
  • Helping to edit this wiki
  • Providing Use Cases (especially to catalogs or documentation pages)
  • Be part of the ProjectData "Connected Conversation" by:
    • Using the URL of this page as a link, metadata link or tag for blog posts, white paper and any other related web page
    • Use the hashtag #ProjectData for tweets and microblogs
    • Create search links, aggregation searches or RSS newsfeeds of tagged and hashtagged web pages
    • Providing Annotated Links to Resources to this project (which will then allow for external tagging)
  • Eventually take part in synthesizing a best practices document

Weekly Meetings

Wednesdays at 8am EST (13:00 UTC)


  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Use Cases
  • Corresponding Pages
    • Wikipedia
    • W3C Provenance Incubator Group

Project Data Self Cite

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