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Linked Data Outreach Project Mission Statement

The Government Linked Data Outreach Project will assist government in being more open, collaborative and participatory by leveraging Web Resource Description Framework (RDF) capabilities to publish, access, link and analyze data from governments, citizens and other organizations. The activities and deliverables from this project include:

  • Information for government on the features, benefits and issues with publishing open data.
  • Perspectives on the social, economic and political ramifications of publishing and using public data.
  • Information on the available standards, technologies and techniques for publishing and using public data.
  • Technical information for exploiting “linked data” using the W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) standards and for repurposing existing data as RDF.
  • Information on how to make data more accessible to users through linked web pages and data visualization.
  • Address issues of data quality.
  • User use cases, existing projects and success stories
  • Issues and wish lists for standards, infrastructure and tooling.
  • Pointers to catalogs of web accessible government data.
  • Pointers to catalogs of tools, infrastructure and other resources for linked data.
  • Pointers to catalogs for vocabularies and ontologies useful to government as well as promoting techniques for finding and integrating such vocabularies
  • Other information that may assist government in making data more accessible.

Project Resources