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Participants' Additional Affiliations and Involvements

This page is meant to list the affiliations of participants other than with this group and with the entity that they are representing so that we can gain visibility on the liaison network that already exists.

  • Owen Ambur
    • For Owen's affiliations past and present, one can read his bio.
  • Robin Berjon
    • Fondation Terra Nova: Terra Nova is an independent progressist think tank based in Paris that aims to renovate social-democracy by producing concrete and pragmatic policy in conjunction with other similar organisations in Europe and worldwide. I would be a little less blurby about it were it not that the foundation is barely getting started so for the time being there isn't much to say.
  • Daniel Bennett
    • For Daniel Bennett's resume/CV [1] and is working on various ideas many of which are self-published on [2]. Interested in identity/authentication (Drafted GPEA US Law), metadata standards for legislative branch (former co-chair of OASIS/LegalXML Tech. Cmte. on Legislative Data Standards), open standards, Plone CMS, XQuery, ReST and Theory of the Web as One Big Database.