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    Use Case Identifier:TBD
  • Use Case Name: Formal Specification of US Privacy Act of 1974 in OWL-DL
  • Problem Definition: Government transparency and citizen participation in any democracy empowered by 2.0 technologies imply adhering to the laws that protect personally identifiable information. Among other laws, the U.S. Privacy Act of 1974 defines the requirements for the collection, use, disclosure and maintenance of personally identifiable information maintained in systems of records by Federal agencies. In the future, the transparency of access to personally identifiable information can be enhanced by maintaining information provenance on automated, or semi-automated access to applicable Federal systems, formally encoding system of record notices (SORNs) and enforcing legal requirements through strongly specified policy enforcement points.
  • Target Population: Federal agencies subject to the U.S. Privacy Act of 1974
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  • Identified Problems or Limitations:
  • Related Initiatives: Policy Aware Web, Transparent Accountable Datamining Initiative
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