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<sandro> Agenda:
<sandro> Guest: Lee Feigenbaum
<sandro> Guest: James Gardner
<sandro> Guest: Makx Dekkers
<sandro> Guest: Kevin Simkins
<sandro> Present: Anne_Washington, Bernadette_Hyland, Brand_Niemann, Daniel_Bennett, Ed_Summers, Gannon_Dick, George_Thomas, James_Forrester, Jeanne Holm, John Erickson, Martín_Álvarez, Sandro_Hawke
<sandro> chair: jeanne
<sandro> Scribe: sandro
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#13:13:00 <sandro> zakim, this will be egov
#13:13:00 <Zakim> I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, sandro
#13:13:15 <sandro> zakim, room for 50 at 9am for 90 minutes?
#13:13:15 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, sandro.
#13:13:28 <sandro> zakim, room for 50 at 9:00 for 90 minutes?
#13:13:31 <Zakim> ok, sandro; conference Team_(egov)14:00Z scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) at 09:00 for 90 minutes until 1530Z; however, please note that capacity is now overbooked
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#13:21:28 <sandro> Hey, Ralph.   I make an ad hoc, hoping it would default to code EGOV.
#13:21:32 <sandro> (but it didnt)
#13:21:55 <sandro> THANK YOU!!
#13:22:22 <sandro> Please.
#13:23:08 <Ralph> done
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#13:26:57 <sandro> zakim, what is the code?
#13:26:57 <Zakim> the conference code is 3468 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, sandro
#13:27:04 <sandro> RRSAgent, pointer?
#13:27:04 <RRSAgent> See
#13:27:12 <sandro> RRSAgent, set logs public
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#13:36:23 <sandro> good morning, olyerickson 
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13:58:09 <sandro> sandro has changed the topic to: eGov IG - Call +1.617.761.6200 code 3468 (EGOV) - Platforms for Open Data
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14:01:48 <olyerickson> Hi everyone!
14:01:51 <olyerickson> yep!
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14:02:58 <sandro> jeanne: Working on a new co-chair.   I'm looking forward to that being completed very soon.
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14:03:17 <citizencontact> .aadd is me Daniel Bennett
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14:03:22 <sandro> jeanne: When we have that, we can dig in on the plans from our TPAC meeting
14:03:22 <jdforrester> Argh.
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14:03:47 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on the phone? 
14:03:47 <Zakim> On the phone I see sandro, +1.703.281.aaaa, +44.207.222.aabb, martin (muted), [IPcaller], olyerickson (muted), +1.571.331.aacc, LeeF, +1.202.684.aadd, +1.847.699.aaee, jdforrester
14:03:51 <sandro> Jeanne: I'll email out some details about upcoming meetings, too.
14:04:16 <citizencontact> .aadd is Daniel Bennett
14:04:25 <james_gardner> James Gardner (from the OKF present)
14:04:35 <sandro> zakim, aacc is bhyland
14:04:35 <Zakim> +bhyland; got it
14:04:46 <sandro> zakim, aass is DanielBennett
14:04:46 <Zakim> sorry, sandro, I do not recognize a party named 'aass'
14:04:49 <brand> Brand Niemann (Semantic Community) present
14:04:51 <sandro> zakim, aadd is DanielBennett
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<sandro> Topic: Open Government Platform
14:05:19 <sandro> jeanne: Status check on US+India open data platform
14:05:24 <sandro> jeanne: ckan
14:05:33 <sandro> jeanne: connecting with other folks, too.
14:05:38 <james_gardner> CKAN Presentation Plan:
14:06:01 <olyerickson> We need to give more feedback ;) 
14:06:06 <sandro> jeanne: apprreciate feedback on github release
14:06:06 <Jeanne>
14:07:05 <sandro> jeanne: blog post, " goes global", platform, uses drupal
14:07:21 <Jeanne>
14:07:52 <Jeanne>
14:07:56 <Zakim> +George_Thomas
14:08:43 <Zakim> + +1.413.652.aagg
14:09:19 <sandro> jeanne: All the component pieces are or will be available
14:09:39 <sandro> jeanne: Gov't of India will be releasing the website part of it.
14:10:13 <sandro> jeanne: Anyone can create these themselves, but we wanted to make sure people who wanted wholeheartedly embrace the platform, it would be there.
14:10:18 <olyerickson> Comment: People should really take a look at OGPL, there are some cool features incl. workflow, etc
14:10:28 <sandro> jeanne: 3rd piece is Communities (of Interest)
14:10:36 <sandro> ... just launched "Education" community
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14:10:48 <sandro> s/Comment://
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14:11:21 <sandro> ... we want the Communities part in the base, and will put that out soon
14:11:33 <sandro> ... So, we've got those three parts
14:11:54 <sandro> ... We're working to get these into the hands of developers who can use it, improve it.
14:12:26 <olyerickson> There has been very little activity on OGPL Github issues list, people need to be posting there 
14:12:34 <sandro> ... In our own case, for, we have a lot amount of geospacial data, and use socrata (for interaction with data, on the site), maybe other commercial add-ons -- fitting in with Open Source platform.
14:12:51 <sandro> ... Hoping to have this operational by June.
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14:13:15 <edsu> zakim, IPcaller.a is edsu
14:13:15 <Zakim> +edsu; got it
14:13:32 <sandro> ,,,any questions?
14:13:39 <sandro> bhyland: Who is the "we" there...?
14:14:07 <sandro> ... communities and open-source projects often have people's names associated with them.    this seems a bit antiseptic for open source.
14:14:26 <olyerickson> Link on OGPL site to NIC appears broken; should it be
14:15:22 <sandro> jeanne: Good point, thanks.    "We" on the US side is the 5-person team, ...
14:15:54 <sandro> ... Chris M. uploaded the content, but .. etc..
14:15:56 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
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14:16:01 <olyerickson> q+
14:16:14 <citizencontact> please mute if not talking
14:16:21 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me.
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14:16:35 <sandro> bhyland: I'd appreciate seeing the names of people who can be contacted, for actually open source collaboration.
14:17:38 <olyerickson> q?
14:18:02 <sandro> jeanne: mailing list next week.
14:18:05 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
14:18:05 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
14:19:04 <sandro> Arg -- John, you're breaking up again!
14:19:10 <sandro> (now you're back)
14:19:47 <brand> Do you have Data Scientists on the Team? I am working with a Community of Practice on Analytics for Government that is working on the and other public data sets in this way
14:20:02 <sandro> olyerickson: One of my colleagues is having trouble interacting with the developers, not getting feedback when they raise issues, etc --- this is important to getting the community running.
14:20:09 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me please.
14:20:09 <Zakim> I don't understand 'mute me please', olyerickson
14:20:17 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me.
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14:20:52 <sandro> bhyland, feedback has to be withing 48 hrs.
14:21:08 <olyerickson> Community needs to provide timely feedback; team needs to respond
14:21:44 <olyerickson> Brand: jst posted w.r.t. data scientist engagement
14:21:52 <olyerickson> ... book on data science
14:21:58 <olyerickson> ... looking to build community
14:22:07 <olyerickson>  Q: what do we mean by "data science"
14:22:21 <olyerickson> ... scientist data science or analytics data science
14:22:30 <brand>
14:22:30 <olyerickson> yes
14:22:45 <olyerickson> any more great suggestions?> 
14:22:52 <olyerickson> (none provided)
14:23:08 <olyerickson> moving forward, partrnering with "a couple" governments
14:23:18 <olyerickson> NIC (India) will be leading htis
14:23:36 <olyerickson> hopefully developing country/countries
14:24:07 <olyerickson> Another thing: for any who have done open data site, know that policy is half the work
14:24:24 <olyerickson> ... will be putting up examples of things to think about policy
14:24:42 <olyerickson> ... need to put up case studies, exemplars
14:24:56 <olyerickson> ... successful open govt initives (not jst open data)
14:25:14 <olyerickson> .... ?? from ??? university will be invited to speak on eGov in future
14:25:29 <olyerickson> ... would be helped to have checklist, not jst the code
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14:25:41 <olyerickson> @bhyland strongly in support
14:25:42 <Jeanne> Tomasz Jankoski from UN University
14:25:55 <gdick> gdick has joined #egov
14:26:36 <olyerickson> ... need to bring out use cases, identify value proposition, what are the examples/exemplars
14:26:47 <sandro> s/Tomasz Jankoski/Tomasz Janowski/
14:27:10 <jdforrester> Zakim, q+
14:27:10 <Zakim> I see olyerickson, jdforrester on the speaker queue
14:27:14 <olyerickson> ... EU-funded orbit have made good progress, but had guidance/help
14:27:24 <olyerickson> q-
14:27:45 <olyerickson> re virtual, yes --- there better be ;) 
14:28:32 <olyerickson> zakim, am I muted?
14:28:32 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, olyerickson.
14:29:21 <sandro> jdforrester: We've made lots of progress on policy, happy to share.   Some nervousness about which way to go with linked data
14:29:22 <edsu> Jim 
14:29:34 <jdforrester> James. :-)
14:29:39 <edsu> :)
14:29:42 <james_gardner> Hi James, nice to see our paths crossing again.
14:29:49 <jdforrester> (Hey James G.)
14:30:02 <sandro> jeanne: collecting case studies, value proposition.
14:30:50 <sandro> jeanne: There tends to need to be one person who gathers/edits/re-distributes -- coordinating
14:30:59 <sandro> s/jeanne/bhyland
14:31:10 <sandro> bhyland: James, if you have stuff to share, please do.
14:31:40 <sandro> bhyland: heard people saying "No, I don't want white papers.   A short briefing, with links, is better."
14:32:16 <olyerickson> James, your voice broke up
14:32:28 <sandro> jdforrester, sorry, your audio is breaking up
14:32:33 <jdforrester> Sorry for audio issues.
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14:32:52 <jdforrester> For the minutes: Very happy to speak off-line about what works well in terms of policy form-factor for this.
14:32:57 <sandro> bhyland: Maybe email
14:33:06 <edsu> q+
14:33:10 <jdforrester> q-
14:33:13 <sandro> jeanne: Other comments/thoughts on Open Government Platform
14:33:30 <olyerickson> No further suggestions from TWC RPI
14:33:40 <sandro> edsu: Sorry I'm late, but did you talk about conversations with Rufus & CKAN folks?
14:33:49 <sandro> jeanne: Next on the agenda....!
14:34:18 <sandro> jeanne: The early folks were not aware of ckan.  Might have used it, if they had been.
14:34:42 <sandro> jeanne: But now we're coordinating.   follow-on meetings.
14:35:10 <sandro> topic: CKAN
14:35:26 <james_gardner>
14:36:05 <olyerickson> Some are familiar, some aren't
14:36:07 <sandro> james_gardner: Have familiar are folks with ckan
14:36:23 <edsu> brief overview would be good
14:36:29 <sandro> s/have/how/
14:36:53 <sandro> james_gardner: I work for Open Knowledge Foundation.
14:37:10 <sandro> james_gardner: use slides at to start
14:37:17 <brand> See for my involvement
14:37:41 <sandro> james_gardner: Find, share data, collaborate, ecosystem
14:38:04 <sandro> james_gardner: public contrib site
14:38:34 <sandro> james_gardner: much like socrata functionality.    fully open source.
14:39:24 <sandro> james_gardner: Able to search datasets by geo bounding box
14:40:14 <citizencontact> just retry/reload
14:40:53 <sandro> james_gardner: Slide 4, other catalogs, about where data comes from.
14:41:04 <sandro> ... helping with ecosystem
14:41:22 <sandro> ... "is it open data" to help presure folks to open data
14:41:37 <sandro> ... Loads of people have built apps on this
14:42:00 <sandro> ... 30 instances world-wide, eg, manchester, etc
14:42:13 <edsu>
14:42:14 <sandro> ... RDF export of certain common dataset properties (side 7)
14:42:25 <sandro> ... uses dcat
14:42:41 <sandro> ... harvesting architecture
14:43:17 <sandro> ... big problem -- catalogs tend to be silos of their own data.   ckan has harvesting interface, where you register a data source and we'll go get the data out.
14:43:32 <olyerickson> Are we supposed to be clicking through all these PDFs? 
14:43:37 <sandro> olyerickson, yes.
14:44:09 <sandro> james_gardner: We can write a harvester for catalogs pretty easily, in general.
14:44:56 <olyerickson> What slide are we on? 
14:44:59 <sandro> james_gardner: REST API, CVS, ...    rich publishing workflows, drupal integration
14:45:11 <sandro> james_gardner: might be scope to collaborate there.
14:45:24 <sandro> ... that's the quick overview.  Questions...?
#14:45:28 <Zakim> +bhyland.a
14:45:33 <Zakim> -bhyland
14:45:41 <sandro> bhyland: thanks!
14:46:24 <sandro> brand: Lucy Chambers, your community person, is one of your strongest features.   And Sam, and Mark.   Half the team is Community Development folks.
14:46:38 <sandro> brand: Plus half-dev/have community-coordinator people.
14:46:47 <bhyland> @jdforrester - what is the size of the core OKF team, including developers/contributors & Lucy type people?
14:47:06 <jdforrester> bhyland, I think you mean @james_gardner. :-)
14:47:12 <sandro> james_gardner:  And Sam, and Mark.   Half the team is Community Development folks.    (3-4 of ten)   Plus half-dev/have community-coordinator people.
14:47:26 <sandro> james_gardner: For some people, it is their full-time job.
14:47:33 <sandro> bhyland: Funding?
14:47:50 <sandro> james_gardner: Some Grant funding, eg Rufus from Shuttlesworth Foundation
14:48:02 <edsu> q+ to ask about harvesting
14:48:12 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
14:48:12 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
14:48:15 <olyerickson> q+
14:48:27 <citizencontact> Darth?
14:48:27 <sandro> james_gardner: Our main goal is to see the spread of open data.   People who might seem to be rivals, often we can easily turn into allies and work together
14:48:29 <ocr> ocr has joined #egov
14:48:47 <edsu> olyerickson: i think you might need to mute :)
14:48:52 <olyerickson> arrghh
14:48:57 <George> q+ - module CKAN module update for D7?
14:48:58 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me.
14:49:00 <bhyland> @jdforrester, OKF and CKAN are the gold standard for open content development & community building.
14:49:01 <Zakim> olyerickson should now be muted
14:49:06 <George> q+
14:49:12 <olyerickson> q-
14:49:18 <sandro> (Yes, it was you, olyerickson  :-(   )
14:49:24 <edsu> olyerickson: didn't want you not to ask a question though :(
14:49:37 <sandro> Jeanne: james_gardner can you explain how the community engagement occurs?
14:50:01 <olyerickson>  Question: What is the status of the follw-up to the (great) catalog metadata workshop in Edinburgh (May 2011)
14:50:09 <olyerickson> s/wat/what/
14:50:20 <olyerickson> s/Wat/What/
14:50:23 <sandro> james_gardner: On developer level, events in london or around the world, we run into people who are doing similar things.   well-architected plug-in architecture.
14:50:33 <sandro> james_gardner: plus people start installing it, and have questions.
14:50:58 <olyerickson>  Question: Is James aware of W3C GLD WG pushing foward with DCAT draft
14:51:04 <sandro> james_gardner: Open Government Conferences.    All through networking.    Strong community basis, so we find out about stuff pretty quickly.
14:51:25 <sandro> ... mission is about open data, not just ckan.    
14:51:52 <sandro> james_gardner:
14:52:23 <olyerickson> Partial answer
14:52:29 <bhyland> @sandro - so when you download the 7.1MB file James provided, did you get only one page too?  
14:52:39 <sandro> Jeanne: Great.    That answers what happened following up the catalog metadata workshop in eninborough
14:52:46 <sandro> s/enin/Edin/
14:52:47 <bhyland> @sandro, I didn't get a timeout, it looks like file is only 1 page, yes?
14:52:56 <olyerickson> Not right now
14:52:58 <citizencontact> What version of HTML do the sites use?
14:53:07 <olyerickson> Ekiga is flakey :( 
14:53:10 <sandro> bhyland, only one worked for me, and it was only one page, yes.
14:53:26 <olyerickson> DCAT moving forward?
14:53:28 <gdick> me too 7.1 MB 1 page
14:53:39 <sandro> james_gardner: What's the intention of Open Govet Platform -- collab with CKAN.
14:53:39 <olyerickson> can I try speaking>
14:53:53 <citizencontact> hmmmm
14:54:43 <sandro> Jeanne: We had a call last week with Rufus, and 3-4 others from CKAN, to get OGP folks familiar with CKAN.   Trying to figure out how to get synnergy.    Folks are looking at this, will report back.  In exploration phase.
14:55:08 <citizencontact> looks like RDFa 
14:55:21 <olyerickson> @bhyland you have to go to the Titanpad aURL
14:55:24 <edsu> q+
14:55:31 <olyerickson> in there is a list of severl slides
14:55:35 <Zakim> -LeeF
14:55:56 <sandro> edsu: thanks for the nice overview.  I've been following ckan for some years, but I didnt know some of those details.
14:56:02 <citizencontact> with XHTML strict or not so
14:56:17 <sandro> ... I remember from the past you had lots of description of where data was on the web, but not necessarily the data itself
14:57:09 <olyerickson> Frustrated that it doesn't allow RDF bulk load
14:57:10 <sandro> james_gardner: True.  We're moving to the WebStore, with REST API, so folks can build more apps based on the data -- not just quality metadata any more.
14:57:23 <sandro> james_gardner: WebStore is a CKAN extension, like pretty much everything else.
14:57:37 <sandro> ... might move into core at some point
14:57:47 <sandro> james_gardner: It's a different github repository
14:58:08 <james_gardner>
14:58:25 <sandro> lod2
14:59:17 <sandro> james_gardner: We can ckan-ify lots of different data sources view the ckan harvesting interface.
14:59:30 <bhyland> s/jdforrester/james_gardner
14:59:32 <sandro> s/view/via
15:00:02 <bhyland> s/jdforrester/james_gardner/
15:00:02 <Zakim> - +1.509.464.aaff
15:00:32 <sandro> james_gardner: We just write two hook functions for converting from other data sources.
15:00:58 <sandro> james_gardner: plus dcat import and export
15:01:02 <olyerickson> Whoa, repeat that bit about DCAT inpout./export
15:01:22 <citizencontact> General invitation to all for Washington, DC event on Feb. 2nd (note that there should be a webcast)
15:01:30 <james_gardner>
15:02:04 <james_gardner>
15:02:22 <olyerickson>  Question: How are you getting your havesting targets?
15:02:31 <sandro> james_gardner: We can certainly do harvester to share data with your platform
15:02:49 <bhyland> @james_gardner - thanks for a great detailed talk on CKAN.  I'm glad to have connected with you.  I have to drop off the call because I have another call.
#15:03:05 <Zakim> -bhyland.a
15:03:05 <annew> exit
15:03:20 <sandro> james_gardner: moving more toward jsonp/REST
15:03:29 <olyerickson> what is james' email
15:03:32 <citizencontact> hi bye anne
15:03:38 <james_gardner>
15:03:48 <sandro> Jeanne: more questions for james?
15:03:58 <olyerickson> Thanks, James!
15:04:03 <sandro> Jeanne: Thanks!   Happy we're collaborating!
15:04:07 <sandro> (indeed, thanks!)
15:04:30 <Zakim> + +44.786.783.aahh
15:04:30 <Makx> can i report on ADMS in europe
15:04:36 <sandro> Jeanne: For this IG, I'm looking at the major components.  Not just open data, even though we're kind of self-selecting for that right now.
15:04:40 <Zakim> -George_Thomas
15:04:45 <sandro> jeanne: Maybe more on *policy*
15:05:17 <sandro> jeanne: I'll put time on the next agenda for folks to report out on what their doing.  If you have a topic, let me know.
15:05:18 <olyerickson> Is this the current address for James_Gardner?
15:05:26 <edsu> another area we could collaborate is the policy/case_study content, i bet okfn has collected some of this already
15:05:36 <sandro> Jeanne: Other topics?
15:05:42 <citizencontact> hi
15:05:47 <jdforrester> I definitely think a move to capture policy areas as well would be helpful.
15:05:49 <james_gardner> works too, but my OKF address is, probably best to use that.
15:05:53 <edsu> i'd like to hear about the state of dcat at some point
15:05:55 <jdforrester> (Sorry audio still an issue.)
15:06:03 <olyerickson>  Suggestion: OGPL status/extensions 
15:06:18 <citizencontact> what are the deliverables?
15:06:42 <olyerickson> @citizencontact this is an IG so no deliverables
15:06:54 <sandro> Jeanne: New poll on meeting times.   Might do two meetings per month, but with different times, with one more suitable in other parts of the world.
15:07:04 <citizencontact> announcement
15:07:17 <Makx> Can I talk about ADMS?
15:07:24 <citizencontact> +citizencontact
15:07:27 <sandro> ed: Planning anything for the Web Conference?
15:07:38 <sandro> (The Web Conference is *NOT* a W3C thing.)
15:08:19 <citizencontact> add to queue please. forgot the format
15:08:47 <olyerickson> zakim, add citizencontact to the queue.
15:08:47 <Zakim> I don't understand 'add citizencontact to the queue', olyerickson
15:09:05 <jdforrester> citizencontact, "+ q" without the space.
15:09:11 <citizencontact> +q
15:09:14 <citizencontact> thanks
15:09:32 <brand> I suggest we work for a balance between technology, policy, and applications that provide ROI in our meetings and products
15:09:43 <edsu> Jeanne: that's great news
15:09:56 <olyerickson> Please repeat where? 
15:10:02 <edsu> july 10-12, washington dc?
15:10:06 <citizencontact> link to information please
15:10:19 <citizencontact> thanks for the save the date
15:10:35 <Jeanne> Save the date July 10-12 in Washington DC for the next International Open Government Data conference.
15:11:02 <sandro> edsu, it's "International World Wide Web Conferences Committee" as per
15:11:18 <Makx> I wanted to share that ADMS is open for public comment:
15:11:18 <olyerickson> @Jeanne I'll make sure we have ;lots to show 
15:11:24 <sandro> Jeanne: Other announcements
15:11:26 <sandro> q?
15:11:39 <sandro> q- edsu
15:11:54 <sandro> q- George
15:11:56 <Makx> q
15:11:58 <sandro> ack citizencontact 
15:12:00 <Zakim> -jdforrester
15:12:06 <jdforrester> Bah.
15:12:13 <sandro> citizencontact: this is Daniel Bennett.    Feb 2nd
15:12:29 <Zakim> +??P42
15:12:31 <sandro> ... Data and Document transparency by (US) Congress.
15:12:33 <jdforrester> Zakim, p42 is me
15:12:33 <Zakim> sorry, jdforrester, I do not recognize a party named 'p42'
15:12:36 <jdforrester> Zakim, ??p42 is me
15:12:37 <Zakim> +jdforrester; got it
15:12:44 <sandro> ... I'll be on the panel talking about HTML5 and Video
15:12:54 <edsu> sandro: thanks re: ; you learn something every day :)
15:13:26 <edsu> interplanetary parliaments? 
15:13:36 <edsu> did i hear that right?
15:13:38 <sandro> ... Also I'll be attending a conf at the end o fhte week, Interplanetrary Parliament 
15:13:45 <edsu> hah, awesome :)
15:13:57 <sandro> ... related to UN, hosted by (US) House of Representatives.
15:14:17 <james_gardner> The webstore I mentioned has its own page at (it isn't on the extensions page)
15:14:43 <sandro> citizencontact: I'll post more info as I get it to the email list.
15:14:44 <james_gardner> See also:
15:15:26 <sandro> citizencontact: The Feb2 is open to everyone, I sent something to the list about a week ago, it's open to all.   THe end of month one is probably closed, but some showing from W3C could be good.
15:15:42 <citizencontact>
15:15:52 <sandro> q?
15:16:01 <sandro> Jeanne: Anyone other announcements?
15:16:03 <Makx>
15:16:04 <Zakim> -jdforrester
15:16:24 <sandro> Jeanne: Thanks for ADMS links.
15:16:58 <sandro> Jeanne: Thanks everyone!  We'll reconvene in the next month.  Next speaker will be Tomasz Janowski of UN University.
15:17:10 <KevinSimkins> Have a great day everyone
15:17:12 <sandro> ADJOURN
15:17:13 <olyerickson> Thanks Jeanne!!!
15:17:16 <Zakim> -olyerickson
15:17:17 <KevinSimkins> thx Jeanne
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15:17:19 <Zakim> -sandro
15:17:22 <Zakim> - +1.413.652.aagg
15:17:23 <jdforrester> Thanks Jeanne, everyone.
15:17:23 <Zakim> -DanielBennett
15:17:24 <Zakim> -??P18
15:17:25 <Zakim> -edsu
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