Chatlog 2010-10-15 Project 3

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<sandro> Present: Deirdre, mhausenblas, Brand, Sandro, Gannon_Dick
<sandro> Guest: K Goodier, Comcast
12:00:38 <RRSAgent> RRSAgent has joined #egov
12:00:38 <RRSAgent> logging to
12:00:40 <trackbot> RRSAgent, make logs public
12:00:40 <Zakim> Zakim has joined #egov
12:00:42 <trackbot> Zakim, this will be EGOV
12:00:42 <Zakim> ok, trackbot, I see T&S_EGOV(LD Demo)8:00AM already started
12:00:43 <trackbot> Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
12:00:43 <trackbot> Date: 15 October 2010
12:01:02 <mhausenblas> Agenda:
12:01:03 <Zakim> + +1.703.281.aabb
12:01:08 <mhausenblas> Zakim, code?
12:01:08 <Zakim> the conference code is 3468 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), mhausenblas
12:01:15 <Zakim> +mhausenblas
12:01:31 <mhausenblas> Zakim, aabb is Brand 
12:01:31 <Zakim> +Brand; got it
12:01:36 <mhausenblas> Zakim, who's here?
12:01:36 <Zakim> On the phone I see +1.240.515.aaaa, Deirdre, Brand, mhausenblas
12:01:37 <Zakim> On IRC I see RRSAgent, DeirdreLee, Brand, gdick, mhausenblas, MacTed, trackbot, edsu, sandro
12:02:03 <mhausenblas> Zakim, aaaa is K
12:02:03 <Zakim> +K; got it
12:02:14 <mhausenblas> Chair: Michael
12:02:19 <mhausenblas> scribe: mhausenblas 
#12:02:32 <mhausenblas> sandro, are you going to join in?
12:03:26 <mhausenblas> Topic: Admin
12:03:35 <mhausenblas> PROPOSAL: Accept the minutes of last meeting, see
12:03:45 <gdick> I could join, or I could give D's list a little geographical context. Which would you prefer ?  I think a map would be more helpful ...
12:04:12 <Brand> +1
12:04:19 <mhausenblas> RESOLUTION: minutes accepted
12:04:27 <mhausenblas> actions
12:04:34 <mhausenblas> ACTION-116?
12:04:34 <trackbot> ACTION-116 -- Brand Niemann to contact Sunlight Foundation regarding participation in the Linked Open Government Application Challenge -- due 2010-10-08 -- OPEN
12:04:34 <trackbot>
12:04:43 <mhausenblas> continues
12:05:17 <mhausenblas> ACTION-117?
12:05:17 <trackbot> ACTION-117 -- Sandro Hawke to check back with W3C legal about the organisation status -- due 2010-10-08 -- OPEN
12:05:17 <trackbot>
12:23:32 <mhausenblas> ACTION-117?
12:23:32 <trackbot> ACTION-117 -- Sandro Hawke to check back with W3C legal about the organisation status -- due 2010-10-22 -- OPEN
12:23:32 <trackbot>
12:23:57 <trackbot> ACTION-117 Check back with W3C legal about the organisation status closed
12:05:23 <mhausenblas> sandro, any news?
12:23:49 <mhausenblas> Sandro: yes, checked back, and we're fine with it
12:23:57 <mhausenblas> close ACTION-117
12:06:08 <mhausenblas> Topic: Linked Open Government Application Challenge straw man call
12:06:17 <mhausenblas>
12:06:20 <Zakim> -K
12:09:19 <edsu> edsu has joined #egov
12:09:38 <Zakim> +K
12:10:22 <mhausenblas> Michael: trying to define a profile for our desired target venue
12:11:41 <Zakim> +Sandro
12:12:51 <mhausenblas> Michael: academic vs. practicioners
12:13:08 <mhausenblas> ... size, location, etc.
12:15:38 <mhausenblas> sandro: maybe narrow it down based on 'where do all the cool people go' (relative to our target audience)
12:18:04 <mhausenblas> sandro: I'd probably focus on thought leaders.  maybe less academic conferences.   Where do the press go?  We'd like an event the press covers.
12:18:14 <mhausenblas> Michael: +1
12:19:21 <mhausenblas> sandro: maybe the bigger is better (as long as they're willing to do this in a plenary session). 
12:19:44 <mhausenblas> sandro: should be an international event
12:20:41 <mhausenblas> Michael: this list is open for other suggestions, please people contribute as well
12:21:02 <mhausenblas> K: we need more conferences
12:21:21 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
12:21:21 <Zakim> On the phone I see Deirdre, Brand, mhausenblas, K, Sandro
12:21:33 <gdick> ICT seems to fit
12:21:50 <Zakim> -K
12:21:51 <mhausenblas> gdick, yes that's one of the proposal on the list
<sandro> Sandro: Should we be public about list of possible judges?  Maybe not -- it could offend someone to be considered as a possible judge and then not selected.
12:25:05 <mhausenblas> Michael: for people who have sort of committed please put it on the Wiki
12:25:16 <Zakim> +K
12:27:14 <mhausenblas> sandro: check conferences against if judges would be able to attend
12:28:20 <mhausenblas> RRSAgent, draft minutes
12:28:20 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate mhausenblas
12:28:27 <mhausenblas> RRSAgent, make logs public
12:28:42 <sandro> try to find out the highest profile folks at each conference --- look for possible judges, and presence of judges we've thought of.
12:29:25 <mhausenblas> Topic: AOB
12:29:49 <Zakim> -K
12:29:56 <mhausenblas> [adjourned]
12:29:58 <Zakim> -Deirdre
12:29:59 <Zakim> -Sandro
12:30:00 <Zakim> -Brand
12:30:02 <Zakim> -mhausenblas
12:30:02 <Zakim> T&S_EGOV(LD Demo)8:00AM has ended
12:30:04 <Zakim> Attendees were +1.240.515.aaaa, Deirdre, +1.703.281.aabb, mhausenblas, Brand, K, Sandro
12:30:24 <mhausenblas> RRSAgent, draft minutes
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#12:31:59 <sandro> sure.
#12:32:03 <mhausenblas> thanks a lot!
12:32:51 <mhausenblas> trackbot, end telecon
12:32:51 <trackbot> Zakim, list attendees
12:32:51 <Zakim> sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
12:32:52 <trackbot> RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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12:32:53 <trackbot> RRSAgent, bye
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