Chatlog 2010-02-17 Project 5

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<sandro> Present: daniel_bennett, brand, sandro
12:57:55 <RRSAgent> RRSAgent has joined #egov
12:57:55 <RRSAgent> logging to
12:58:03 <sandro> rrsagent, make logs public
12:58:12 <sandro> zakim, this will be egov
12:58:12 <Zakim> ok, sandro; I see T&S_EGOV(DMngmnt)8:00AM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
12:58:38 <Daniel_Bennett> Daniel_Bennett has joined #egov
12:59:07 <sandro> Good morning, Daniel.   The bridge and IRC channel are all set up.
12:59:09 <Zakim> T&S_EGOV(DMngmnt)8:00AM has now started
12:59:16 <Zakim> + +1.202.449.aaaa
12:59:45 <Daniel_Bennett> aaaa is Daniel Bennett
13:03:27 <Daniel_Bennett> wondering if 8am is that sweet spot of commuting time on East Coast US, sleepy time on West Coast US, and commute or busy time in Europe, and just all around inconvenient time. 
13:05:15 <sandro> Could be.    It was the best time on the survey, but not a lot of people answered the servey.
13:05:49 <sandro> And the meeting announcement might not have made the strongest Be There! statement.  :-)
13:06:01 <Zakim> + +1.202.236.aabb
13:06:06 <Daniel_Bennett> good point. need better marketing
13:06:28 <Daniel_Bennett> who is aabb?
13:06:50 <sandro> whoever is on the phone with you.....
13:06:58 <Daniel_Bennett> cant hear them
13:07:08 <sandro> Ah.   Strange.
13:07:47 <Daniel_Bennett> hi brand nieman
13:08:21 <Daniel_Bennett> brand is aabb
13:08:34 <sandro> zakim, aabb is brand
13:08:34 <Zakim> +brand; got it
13:10:02 <Daniel_Bennett> Chris are you there?
13:13:04 <Zakim> -brand
13:13:38 <Zakim> +brand
13:17:23 <brand> brand has joined #egov
13:19:35 <Daniel_Bennett> Agenda Introductions (5 min) Discussion of Scope and Interests of Participants(10 min) Discussion of Statement of Work for this Project (10) Identifying Resources and Project Management for this Project (10) Work on First Project Step (15 min)
13:19:50 <Daniel_Bennett> Agenda #1
13:20:00 <Daniel_Bennett> Brand: hi
13:20:06 <Daniel_Bennett> Daniel:hi
13:20:53 <Daniel_Bennett> agenda #2
13:27:09 <Daniel_Bennett> per an email adding license rights
13:27:30 <Daniel_Bennett> Brand: suggest we use an information model - data model
13:28:13 <Daniel_Bennett> Brand: info model includes topic and sub-topic and the data model includes data table and data elements
13:28:24 <Daniel_Bennett> agenda #2
13:28:42 <Daniel_Bennett> Brand: for data also consider metadata
13:30:42 <brand>
13:31:43 <Daniel_Bennett> hello
13:34:21 <brand> test
13:42:22 <Daniel_Bennett> Brand: use Statistical Abstract for metadata tagging
13:51:03 <Daniel_Bennett> finished the DataMgmt meeting