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12:51:23 <RRSAgent> logging to
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12:51:28 <sandro> zakim, this will be egov
12:51:28 <Zakim> ok, sandro; I see T&S_EGOV()9:00AM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
12:51:33 <sandro> RRSAgent, make log public
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12:57:42 <josema> agenda?
12:57:57 <josema> chair: josema
12:58:02 <josema> agenda:
12:58:20 <josema> agenda+ Agenda adjustments and next meetings
12:58:28 <josema> agenda+ Open actions
12:58:37 <josema> agenda+ Tuning scribing procedures
12:58:46 <josema> agenda+ Celebration: Charter approved!
12:58:55 <josema> agenda+ Where to go from here?
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12:59:04 <josema> agenda+ What else is going on/coming up?
12:59:07 <Zakim> T&S_EGOV()9:00AM has now started
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12:59:19 <josema> trackbot, start telcon
12:59:21 <trackbot> RRSAgent, make logs public
12:59:23 <trackbot> Zakim, this will be EGOV
12:59:23 <Zakim> ok, trackbot, I see T&S_EGOV()9:00AM already started
12:59:24 <trackbot> Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
12:59:24 <trackbot> Date: 14 October 2009
12:59:34 <josema> regrets+ DaveM, SteveH, JimH
12:59:45 <josema> zakim, who's here?
12:59:45 <Zakim> On the phone I see no one
12:59:46 <Zakim> On IRC I see Daniel_Bennett, irc, Hugh, josema, tb, Zakim, RRSAgent, AdamHarvey, hughb, sandro, trackbot
12:59:57 <Hughg> regrets: HughG
13:00:27 <josema> s/regrets HughG/regrets+ HughG 
13:01:09 <josema> regrets+ JohnS
13:01:18 <sylvia> Sylvia Webb is on the phone
13:01:39 <sandro> zakim, who is talking?
13:01:51 <Zakim> sandro, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P7 (58%), ??P11 (35%)
13:02:23 <josema> zakim, who's here?
13:02:23 <Zakim> On the phone I see no one
13:02:24 <Zakim> On IRC I see Daniel_Bennett, irc, Hugh, josema, tb, Zakim, RRSAgent, AdamHarvey, hughb, sandro, trackbot
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13:03:16 <sandro> zakim, who is here?
13:03:16 <Zakim> On the phone I see no one
13:03:18 <Zakim> On IRC I see Owen, Daniel_Bennett, Sylvia, Hugh, josema, tb, Zakim, RRSAgent, AdamHarvey, hughb, sandro, trackbot
13:03:22 <sandro> zakim, this is egov
13:03:22 <Zakim> sandro, this was already T&S_EGOV()9:00AM
13:03:23 <Zakim> ok, sandro; that matches T&S_EGOV()9:00AM
13:03:30 <Daniel_Bennett> Daniel is on the phone
13:03:42 <AdamHarvey> I'm on the phone as well
13:04:34 <josema> agenda?
13:04:43 <Rachel> Rachel has joined #egov
13:06:24 <josema> zakim, take up next agendum
13:06:24 <Zakim> agendum 1. "Agenda adjustments and next meetings" taken up [from josema]
13:07:17 <sandro> scribe: Rachel 
13:07:18 <Rachel> topic: Agenda adjustments and next meetings
13:08:02 <Rachel> agenda accepted as-is, no changes
13:08:27 <josema> zakim, take up next agendum
13:08:27 <Zakim> agendum 2. "Open actions" taken up [from josema]
13:08:28 <Rachel> topic: Open actions
13:08:33 <josema>
13:09:42 <Rachel> reference to listserv discussion about legislation, open meetings and XML
13:09:52 <Rachel> conversation deferred until John can join us
13:10:56 <Rachel> Sandro - investigating wysiwyg editor options, send Sandro comments about this
13:12:18 <AdamHarvey> I'm on the call, but muted
13:12:44 <Rachel> actions 82 & 83 - Daniel should have update next time
13:12:47 <AdamHarvey> We were waiting for charter approval and the launch of the new W3C site before moving forward
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13:15:05 <AdamHarvey2>
13:15:40 <Rachel> discussion of tools requirements - not always easy to integrate new tools into W3C operations
13:16:25 <Rachel> Daniel & Sandro will discuss further via email and report back next time
13:17:21 <sandro> ( )
13:18:07 <Daniel_Bennett> ( )
13:18:14 <AdamHarvey2> Please include me in email thread (
13:18:14 <Rachel> for action 91 - Kevin in discussions, should be able to resolve next week
13:18:36 <sandro> action-91?
13:18:36 <trackbot> ACTION-91 -- Kevin Novak to organize informal meeting of IG members at TPAC -- due 2009-09-23 -- OPEN
13:18:36 <trackbot>
13:22:12 <Rachel> action-92?
13:22:12 <trackbot> ACTION-92 -- Kevin Novak to put out call for volunteers to survey agencies for those most ready for next steps in creating open data projects -- due 2009-09-30 -- OPEN
13:22:12 <trackbot>
13:23:59 <josema>
13:25:23 <anne> anne has joined #egov
13:25:23 <josema> q?
13:26:11 <Rachel> Kevin: developing a list of the top 10 US govt agencies working to open data to the public
13:26:17 <annew> annew has joined #egov
13:26:57 <sandro> q+ to talk about
13:27:20 <Rachel> Kevin: some possibilities include NASA, GSA, EPA, doing lots of work in this area
13:27:44 <Rachel> Daniel: can we make recommendations to improve
13:28:18 <josema> q+ to talk about existing Linked Data in US Govt vs "just ready to go"
13:28:39 <josema> agenda?
13:28:47 <Rachel> Kevin: yes, is now V1, plan is to look to the community to suggest improvements
13:30:36 <josema> q?
13:30:37 <Rachel> Daniel: We should review what's out there on and recommend improvements
13:31:11 <Rachel> Kevin: Keep in mind our long-term goals - what do we want to accomplish in the end?
13:31:37 <josema> [Kevin on need of consistency across datasets]
13:32:18 <Rachel> Kevin: Right now, there is no consistency, we need to find the best examples so others can model what they are doing
13:32:39 <AdamHarvey2> It's like the early days of the web
13:33:32 <josema> did I mention this?
13:33:50 <Rachel> George: Commends as a good model
13:33:57 <josema> it's a compilation of* catalogues out there so far (in RDF/XML, of course :)
13:37:11 <josema> and an example map visualization (using only the Spanish data, sorry)
13:37:43 <josema> q?
13:38:13 <josema> s/Spanish data/data in Spanish
13:38:16 <Rachel> Discussion about good collaboration starting to happen, and ideas to further that collaboration in the future
13:38:28 <josema> ack sa
13:38:28 <Zakim> sandro, you wanted to talk about
13:38:36 <josema> q-
13:38:48 <sandro> See and larger list,
13:38:56 <josema> agenda?
13:39:53 <MoZ> MoZ has joined #egov
13:40:22 <Daniel_Bennett> can that URL be put on IRC, George?
13:40:22 <josema> I think George refers to
13:40:23 <sandro> George: it'd be good to get the TopQuadrant-developed case studies on Ontologies for the  Federal Enterprise Architecture.
13:40:23 <Rachel> Does anyone have other examples/use cases that should be listed here?
13:40:47 <Daniel_Bennett> what was that URL George just mentioned?
13:40:54 <josema>
13:42:20 <josema> agenda?
13:42:46 <josema> zakim, next agendum
13:42:46 <Zakim> agendum 3. "Tuning scribing procedures" taken up [from josema]
13:42:47 <Rachel> topic: Tuning scribing procedures
13:43:52 <josema>
13:44:02 <Rachel> Looking for ways to make the scribing process easier
13:44:41 <Rachel> Sandro had developed a tool for another working group which he shared via the listserv
13:45:03 <Rachel> Sandro: tool pulls minutes from IRC to a wiki page
13:45:06 <sandro>
13:45:22 <Rachel> Sandro: makes it easy for any members to edit & clean up the minutes
13:45:37 <AdamHarvey2> That is really cool. :)
13:46:26 <josema> [clap, clap]
13:47:29 <Rachel> Sandro:  any questions or comments?
13:47:58 <Rachel> Sandro: if everyone likes this, we will incorporate into our standard operating procedures
13:49:29 <sandro> Jim_Snyder
13:49:36 <sandro> Brian_Gryff
13:49:38 <sandro> Owen
13:49:43 <annew> Anne Washington
13:49:55 <AdamHarvey2> It sounded like you said I'm a regret... I'm here.
13:50:10 <Daniel_Bennett> Daniel Bennett
13:50:22 <sandro> Sorry, AdamHarvey2, I didn't mean to say that if I did.
13:50:26 <tb> Thomas bandholtz
13:50:38 <Rachel> Sandro: new tool automatically generates list of attendees as they are mentioned in the discussion
13:52:05 <Rachel> Josema: If we use this new tool, should we continue to send text of minutes to listserv?
13:52:10 <sandro> Brian_Gryth: I'm here
13:52:17 <sandro> Owen_Ambur: I'mhere
13:52:28 <sandro> Anne_Washington: I'm here
13:52:35 <Rachel> Josema: or just send a link to the minutes as formatted in this new tool?
13:52:42 <sandro> ThomasB: I'm here
13:52:42 <josema> agenda?
13:52:52 <josema> zakim, take up next agendum
13:52:52 <Zakim> agendum 4. "Celebration: Charter approved!" taken up [from josema]
13:52:53 <Rachel> topic: Celebration: Charter approved!
13:53:18 <josema>
13:53:37 <Rachel> Kevin says congrats and thanks to all who contributed
13:53:50 <sandro> guest: Jim Snider
13:53:54 <sandro> Jim_Snider: I'm here
13:54:26 <Rachel> Kevin: Head of W3C was very complimentary and excited about future work of the group
13:54:43 <Rachel> Josema: Thanks all, very good work
13:55:33 <Rachel> Josema: We are now chartered for another year
13:56:11 <Rachel> Kevin: Send ideas via listserv about where you think we should focus our energies this next year
13:56:27 <Rachel> Joe: Is the eGov effort focused primarily on open data?
13:56:42 <Rachel> Kevin: Not necessarily, though that is part of it
13:57:11 <Rachel> Kevin: Interoperability and linked open data are both important
13:57:41 <Rachel> Kevin: Governments really pushing to open their data to the public
13:57:57 <Rachel> Joe: Agencies have a lot of data, but people don't know how to get to it
13:58:10 <Rachel> Joe: is an attempt to help people get to that data
13:58:23 <josema> OGD != LGD :)
13:58:51 <josema> (LGD is part of OGD if you want)
13:59:06 <Rachel> Joe: recommends xpointer
13:59:35 <sergey> sergey has joined #egov
13:59:58 <annew> OGD = Open Government Data vvs LGD = Linked Government Data
14:00:15 <josema> yup
14:00:16 <Rachel> Remember eGovt is about more than opening data.  We must think about the impact of what we do on the person sitting at their computer trying to complete an online transaction with their government
14:00:49 <AdamHarvey2> +1 to Rachel - Don't forget that citizen interaction UX & UI is important
14:00:50 <annew> just clarifying for the record to enhance enjoyment of the equation
14:00:57 <josema> +1 to Rachel!
14:01:33 <sandro> "Do you think XPointer is too techie"        I hope that was a joke.....
14:01:36 <josema> remember the three steps to OGD: identify, expose, consume
14:02:04 <josema> agenda?
14:02:34 <AdamHarvey2> Maybe we need a "tech to wonk" TF?
14:03:46 <josema> q?
14:04:45 <josema>
14:04:46 <Rachel> Joe: There are many standards that could help end users
14:04:53 <josema>
14:05:30 <Rachel> Josema: Reminder to visitors that we would like you to officially join us!
14:05:44 <josema> zakim, next agendum
14:05:44 <Zakim> agendum 5. "Where to go from here?" taken up [from josema]
14:05:45 <Rachel> topic: Where to go from here?
14:06:00 <Owen> W/re Rachel's point, the Web Content Managers' strategic plan is available at
14:06:04 <josema>
14:06:42 <Rachel> Josema: Where to go from here...linked govt data, use of standards, etc
14:06:49 <annew> +1 Rachel. lets enhance govt information usability not force feed tech standards
14:08:03 <Rachel> Josema: What specific topics should we tackle next?
14:08:08 <AdamHarvey2> I'd like to spend more time doing outreach
14:08:28 <AdamHarvey2> Yes, but muted
14:09:09 <slizin> slizin has joined #egov
14:09:17 <Zakim> bot restart in 2 minutes to recover bridge state
14:09:20 <AdamHarvey2> Yup... I want state and local folks to get interested in this too
14:09:40 <Rachel> Daniel: Need to remember that our work impacts not only federal/national, but also state/local governments
14:10:23 <Rachel> Daniel: working to develop standards for publishing legislation in XML
14:10:32 <josema> I'm wondering if you've seen the NASCIO doc on data transparency
14:10:45 <josema> [["Leverage Linked Data approaches to present state datasets. This simplifies the process and avoids redundant data storage."]]
14:11:45 <Rachel> Joe: Need to compile a page of good examples, best practices around open data
14:12:37 <Rachel> Brian: likes that idea
14:12:53 <Rachel> Brian: see NAPA's Collaboration Project for a good model
14:13:15 <Daniel_Bennett>
14:14:05 <annew> see also the european union's
14:15:44 <Rachel> Brian: GovLoop has been helpful for finding good examples like this
14:15:48 <josema> I'm hearing something similar to what we tried to accomplish with the use cases before
14:15:57 <josema> but did not...
14:16:05 <Rachel> Daniel: Is there a "standard" for finding/compiling use cases?
14:16:36 <Rachel> metadata?
14:16:50 <sandro> +1 yeah, it'd be great to have a standard way to put something on your site saying "Look here is someone people should look at, when they are looking for ODG/whatever"
14:17:15 <Zakim> Zakim has joined #egov
14:17:21 <sandro> zakim, this is egov
14:17:21 <Zakim> ok, sandro; that matches T&S_EGOV()9:00AM
14:17:25 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:17:25 <Zakim> On the phone I see +1.216.443.aaaa, +1.310.420.aabb, Sandro, [CTIC], +1.202.449.aacc, +1.509.464.aadd, +1.410.975.aaee, +1.303.748.aaff, ??P17, +1.410.992.aagg, ??P21,
14:17:29 <Zakim> ... +49.178.404.aahh
14:17:37 <josema> zakim, [CTIC] is me
14:17:37 <Zakim> +josema; got it
14:17:46 <AdamHarvey2> zakim, aaaa is me
14:17:46 <Zakim> +AdamHarvey2; got it
14:17:55 <Rachel> Can this group develop/recommend standards for common names, common ways to report and share?
14:18:24 <Sylvia> aabb is me
14:18:44 <josema>
14:18:53 <Rachel> Now there are MANY different ways to refer to eGov, can we develop some "standards"?
14:18:55 <josema>
14:18:56 <AdamHarvey2> You have mention Z by name, Sylvia, like I did
14:19:11 <Zakim> - +1.202.449.aacc
14:19:27 <Rachel> Josema: We have a mechanism, via our Use Case library
14:19:39 <Sylvia> zakim aabb is me
14:19:48 <Zakim> + +1.202.449.aaii
14:20:46 <Rachel> Josema: We need volunteers (of course!)   :)
14:20:55 <Zakim> - +1.410.975.aaee
14:21:16 <Rachel> zakim aadd is Rachel
14:21:29 <Owen> W/re next steps, it would be good to relate (link) the goals in the IG's charter with those to be set forth in the Federal IT Strategic Plan.
14:23:11 <Rachel> Owen: US CIO Council looking for success stories to integrate into their strategic plan
14:23:14 <josema> agenda?
14:23:16 <Zakim> -AdamHarvey2
14:23:42 <josema> topic: what's coming up
14:24:27 <Zakim> -??P21
14:25:30 <josema> q?
14:26:44 <slizin> agenda?
14:28:28 <Rachel> Discussion about a document outlining some future plans in Europe, check mailing list for attachment & discuss there
14:28:50 <josema> I think it was Thomas who mentioned the paper
14:30:33 <Rachel> Daniel gave an update on a conference he attended last week, and upcoming events
14:31:23 <Rachel> Josema: will email requesting ideas for future projects
14:31:30 <Zakim> - +1.202.449.aaii
14:31:33 <Zakim> - +1.310.420.aabb
14:31:34 <Zakim> - +1.303.748.aaff
14:31:34 <Zakim> - +49.178.404.aahh
14:31:36 <Zakim> - +1.410.992.aagg
14:31:40 <Zakim> -Sandro
14:31:41 <Zakim> -??P17