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update, see plan to finish Group Note

  • Month 1 through 3
  1. Conduct Inventory of existing applications, use of standards, government initiatives
  2. Create personas, vet with group, seek outside validation.
  3. Task sub groups with their specific activities goals
    1. TFs work with specific goals in mind.
    2. Documenting, inventorying, and creating their personas.
    3. Get together on meetings/calls to share and compare.
  4. Related Initiatives
    1. Survey work already being done by other groups.
    2. Leverage and document work being done by others.
    3. Seek relationships partnerships where it makes sense
    4. Plan accordingly for activities share among groups/partnerships.
    5. Set plan for how we will work with each other throughout the year and into the future.
  5. (@@Seek funding for IG initiatives/work
    1. travel monies
    2. funding for workshops
    3. for special research if needed/identified.@@)
  6. Identify and capitalize on publicity opportunities to promote the work of the group and seek interest. We want to be on government’s watch lists to ensure they see what we are doing as valuable.
  • Month 4 through 6
  1. Identify gaps in existing standards.
  2. Understand and document where new government initiatives will require a change in or will require a new standard.
  3. Attempt to problem solve and create solutions for gaps (this should be a group activity).
  4. Plan for face to face and workshop meetings (October, April). Develop early agenda and seek funding and participation.
  • Month 7
  1. Complete use cases:
    • Semantic Interoperability (eg. Judicial)
    • Persistent URIs
    • Performance Data + Citizen Choice
    • Data Sharing Policy Expression
    • Digital Preservation + Authenticity + Temporal Degradation
    • IPR Expression
    • Identification + Authentication
    • Data Aggregation
    • Your Web Site is your API (eg. RDFa, sitemaps?)
    • What Data? How does the government decide?
    • Participation in Social Media; what are the rules?
    • Temporal Data
      • Legislation/Legal (Law Reports)
      • Geospatial
    • Multi channel delivery (back/front)
  2. Begin crafting issues paper.
    • John/Kevin/Jose/Oscar to draft sections:
      • John: Intro and general framework
      • Kevin: Summary/policy/environmental/political items
      • Jose/Oscar: outline, use cases
  3. Tasking workgroup members to create/document different areas of the document.
  4. Conduct more research and level setting.

  • Month 8 through 9
  1. Work on future work plan.
  2. Tasking workgroup members to create/document different areas of the document.
  3. Conduct more research and level setting.
  • Month 10-11
  1. Finalize Group notes (realistic that it may take a couple months to finalize, collect comments, and make changes to the end product.
  • Month 12
  1. Promote notes at conferences.
  2. Begin preparations for year 2 work efforts.
  • Month 13 onward
  1. Evaluate response to issue paper.
  2. Validate with governments the applicability of the issues paper.
  3. Tweak work plan as appropriate.