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Task Forces/STEM

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Task force on "STEM"

  • Leader(s): Charles LaPiere, Peter Krautzberger

Review STEM-specific requirements, usage, deployments, etc, of W3C standards (HTML, MathML etc), web technology, markup and data formats. In particular, undertake kick-off interviews with specialists followed by a wider survey among practitioners, and summarize results in a report and the use cases.

Members (Please add your name, organization)

  • Tim Cole, Un. Illinois
  • Bill Kasdorff, Apex
  • David Stroup, Pearson
  • Liam Quin, W3C
  • Thierry MICHEL, W3C


To kick-off, the STEM TF has undertaken a number of interviews to generate data for on a wider survey among STEM publishing practitioners.

The STEM TF is currently working on the survey.

The results of the survey will be summarized in a Note and (hopefully) provide more use cases and general information for future W3C activities related to STEM.