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Story: I as a blind or visually impaired student may want a tactile version of a SVG graphic

Just like we may want to provide auditory access to an an SVG graph, we may want to provide tactile or haptic access by printing an SVG with a tactile printer/embosser or 3D printer. Tactile or haptic versions of an SVG may not have the same level of information richness or decorative content as what's provided to a sighted person.

It would be useful to select, which subset of the SVG features are needed for tactile and/or haptic access within the same SVG used for sighted students. This is a similar concept to media-queries for print stylesheets.
[1] http://www.aph.org/edresearch/guides.htm
[2] http://www.aph.org/training/yzhang/
[3] http://www.perkins.org/resources/scout/education/geography/tactile-maps.html
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