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Story: I as an educator, volunteer or accessibility specialist need to be able to add or improve the descriptions for information rich images that have been already published. I may not have edit capabilities or rights to the content.

SVGs packaged in EPUB for offline use often lack or have inadequate descriptions. Educators, volunteers or accessibility specialists would like to add or improve an image description after the EPUB has been published. They may not have access to edit the files in the EPUB or on a web server. It would be useful for assistive technology to be able to query a web service as to whether a description has been created/updated in the cloud by volunteers. This description may supercede the description that may have been originally published in the SVG.

A way to refer to 3rd party provided description in the crowd that may have a better or more recent description for an image. To facilitate this feature, the author of the SVG may want to provide within the SVG a URL to the description web service and a unique ID for the instance of the SVG. We should consider whether we want to leverage aria-describedat for this functionality.
Poet image description tool used by Bookshare volunteers: http://diagramcenter.org/development/poet.html
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