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(Accessibility : Reading Disorder)
Use case
Johnny is a student with a reading disorder. He has difficulty learning new material in a classroom and struggles when taking tests. He primarily has trouble with his inability to sound out words, which leads to a slow and laborious reading speed and difficulty recalling what he has read. Johnny does better when directions are presented one step at a time and when each step has a representative image or visual to help him conceptualize the requirements of his task.
• read-aloud accommodations with synchronized text highlighting
• simplified directions
• additional time to read and take tests
• visual directions to supplement written directions
PUBLISHERS-Education: K-12/Primary, Higher Education, Professional/ Vocational
Relevant External groups/specifications
• Standard Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) Supports
• APIP Supports in Personal Needs & Preferences (PNP)
• Accommodations in PNP:
• 3rd Party Assistive Technology
• Sample PNP Code
Relevant W3C group(s)/specification(s)
Accessibility Metadata
Web Accessibility Initiative Education and Outreach Working Group
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Pearson: Jan McSorley