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Detailed TPAC 2016 Agenda

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Meeting with WCAG

DPUB Accessibility TF note and EPUB Accessibility Conformance & Discovery specifications

  • How accessibility requirements for digital publishing differ from WCAG.
  • How to work towards incorporation of accessibility requirements specific to digital publishing in WCAG

Information sharing for certification process and Accessibility checker

  • Identify any concerns in the approach.
  • explore possibilities of collaboration with W3C.

Meeting with CSS WG

Media Queries


  • Houdini Font Metrics?
  • Input from MathJax on low-level features that would help?
  • Could more be done via OpenType?


  • character alignment: next steps

Pagination, Polyfills, and Houdini

  • Might it be helpful to get some feedback from people who have implemented pagination (Vivliostyle, Readium, iBooks) on what low-level features could make this easier?
  • Status of Page Floats spec?
  • Are there extensions of fragmentation that could help (especially API stuff)? Fragment counters, which fragment am I in, etc.? Does this stuff actually help pagination polyfills?
  • overflow: -webkit-paged-x with scroll snapping and box-decoration-break

CSS vs XSL-FO: Gap Analysis

  • Should there be an official project to document this, hopefully with Liam's help? The idea would be to only talk about the merits of the idea and how it might be organized, not to discuss technical details.

PWP-UCR Fundamental Issues

A number of non-editorial issues have been raised on the UCR which affects the whole of PWP. Some of them found closure during the discussion (http://bit.ly/2cyU4My), but others are still open (see http://bit.ly/2d06D1h) and they raise some general questions about PWP. These should be discussed. In particular (some issues fall into several buckets...):

planning changes on the PWP draft (time permitting...)

The publication of the UCR requires a number of a significant changes compared to the latest official editor's draft (let alone the latest official draft, which is grossly outdated by now). Some changes have already been addressed in a separate branch.

Toward a WG

Chair: Garth

  • EPUB current & next [Markus]
  • IDPF combination with W3C? [Garth, Bill M]
  • PWP [Tzviya]
  • Chartering [Ivan]
    • Working Group Oversight and W3C Process
    • Testing in the future
  • Discussion Topics (Put your topic here)
    • Market Analysis [Leonard]
    • Relationship to EPUB, in particular to EPUB 3.1
    • Relationship with BFF effort