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CerebralPalsy UC

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Accessibility: Cerebral Palsy / average IQ
Use case
Bobby is a student with cerebral palsy who has a moderate level of impairment related to his diagnosis. His gross motor functioning is significantly impaired.
He is unable to walk and relies on his motorized wheelchair to access travel around his school and his classroom. His fine motor skills are impaired but he has enough
muscle control to operate his wheelchair and press a switch to operate both a computer and a tablet. Since this student’s muscles are impaired by his CP, his
speech intelligibility is reduced making voice recognition software difficult to use. Bobby does have average intelligence and a high level of content knowledge, but
communicating that information to people and software systems can be frustrating for Bobby.
• User interface that is fully keyboard navigable
• External switch-interface for mouse emulation
• Word-prediction software with contextual prediction capability and the ability to store and update user preferences and vocabulary banks
• DAISY / ePUB3 compliance
• The ability to bookmark and annotate text
• The ability to interface with an augmentative communication device as a peripheral control for the computer (?)
PUBLISHERS - Education, K-12/Primary
Daisy / ePUB3
Optional, links to other entries in the corpus
Relevant W3C group(s)/specification(s)
• Accessibility Metadata
• Web Accessibility Initiative Education and Outreach Working Group
Submitted by
Pearson: Jan McSorley