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Access Control and selective encryption

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(Access Control and selective encryption/Access Control and selective encryption)
Use case
This is a business-based use-case that accounts for right's holders' desires to sell and control access to content in a way that makes most sense to the market. Ultimately it is the ideal for both generic selling entities and the rights holder.

The desire is to have a package that can be easily transferred from person to person that contains a publicly viewable sample and metadata that points back to a purchase mechanism that will allow access to additional content.

  • Ability to have certain content within the container encrypted, while others public
  • Clearly defined sample that is publicly viewable. A sample may include different files than a full version (for example, a page on how to buy the book or other products that is displayed only in the sample. Or, if it's a web-app, and you are showing only a sample, you may want to only expose a portion of your controller source code)
  • Unlock information: The ability to define a website where the full content can be purchased. Ideally, once a new license is purchased, the encrypted content would be replaced with the newly encrypted content for that specific user (assuming that encryption was necessary), but creating a new container with the encrypted content is also possible. Key management and decryption will be up to the authority services.

List of requirements drawn from the above use case

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EPUB Previews 1.0
Imagine a world where this is possible. Now its wonder, its splendor, and only then you will see how glorious this use case is.

Your friend just read a book that they cannot stop talking about, so they do what every good friend does, they attach the ebook to an email and send it to you - a right's holders' nightmare! But, when you open that file, you are only able to read a sample - which is great, because that's ultimately what you want. The file opens in your browser without any huff and you begin reading. Darn, is this book good! Three chapters in you're told this is the end of the sample, but can purchase the book from the right's holder - giving you a link to their site. You click the link, go through the purchase process, then go back to your book. A message appears "Thank you for purchasing this product" and then the rest of the book magically appears. You continue reading and love the book so much, you decide to send it to all your friends. You open an e-mail and pass it along.

Submitted by
Nick Ruffilo