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The web is extended in two ways - by adding new bits of technology to the existing stuff, and by "webizing" existing applications and systems. Webizing is really important, not only as a way of bootstrapping the web using large amount of legacy information, but because the existing systems have been researched and designed over the years and it is really important we do not lose the knowledge accrued during that process.

The essential process in webizing is to take a system which is designed as a closed world, and then ask what happens when it is considered as part of an open world. Practically, this effect on a computer language is to replace the names/tokens/identifiers for URIs. Thus, where before reference could only be made to something in the same document/program/module one can with equal ease make reference to something in a different one somewhere in that abstract space which is the Web.

-- Tim Berners-Lee

This group is committed to producing 5 star linked data, in line with the original vision of the WWW.

Webize Everything

The main set of guidelines used in this group are based on the following article.


Why is webizing important? What are the advantages?



How do I go about webizing a project? Which tools can I use?



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