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A Better Interface Design for Interaction Between the BG and IG (Draft)

Basic Concept of the Groups

In a nutshell

  • IG: Center of W3C Web and TV activity
  • BG: W3C Entry point for broadcasters, provider of learning opportunities and support

Learning Materials and Newbie Support for W3C Newcomers

  • IG: Not Available
  • BG: Available


  • IG: up to USD77k/year
  • BG: USD10k/year/group


  • IG: TV in a generic sense, including broadcasting
  • BG: broadcasting

Document Publisher

  • IG: W3C
  • BG: BG (Not W3C)

Types of Target Documents

  • IG: Use Cases, Requirements, Gap Analyses, and Draft Technical Solutions
  • BG: Business Level Use Cases, Notes

Document License

  • IG: W3C Document License
  • BG: W3C CLA / FLA

Interaction with other W3C groups

  • IG: Any interaction allowed
  • BG: Chair-to-chair communication mechanism only

Basic group overlap policy

  • Avoid overlap of types of documents
  • Avoid event-scheduling conflicts
  • Discourage ML cross-posting with chair's intervention
  • Share formatting for docs in the event of possible future merges
  • Outsource some tasks, such as use cases related to broadcasting, from the IG to the BG. The BG publishes its output as a BG specification (under CLA/FLA) and the IG merges it into their document(s) (under W3C Document License).
  • Create a joint task force to deal efficiently with a common topic. Members from the BG publish their contribution as a BG specification. The joint task force merges the BG specification and output from IG members into IG document(s). If members from both groups work tightly on a specific topic and IG/BG boundaries are not clear, this work is done under the IG and is subject to W3C Document License.
  • Maintain good communication between chairs
  • The BG always encourages BG-only members to become full W3C members through the IG. The IG always helps BG-only members deepen their understanding of W3C Web and TV activity
  • Both groups review each other's public drafts


Collaborative f2f meetings during TPAC

  • The BG f2f on Monday, the IG f2f on Tuesday
  • The BG passes use-case deliverables from its f2f to the IG f2f meeting
  • The BG-only members join selected sessions of the IG f2f as observers