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ACTION-1 (edit) closed JC Verdie reports to the group about detailed TPAC Agenda (and AC Meeting potential overlap) Jean-Charles Verdie 2014-07-08
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Kaz gets internal W3C information regarding what is possible in term of meeting during TPAC Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-07-08
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Bin Hu will follow up with JC and Kaz re meeting at TPAC Bin Hu 2014-07-08
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Bin Hu will consolidate the requirements Bin Hu 2014-07-08
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Chris adds storage capacity requirement in program recording Chris Needham 2014-08-05
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Chris adds buffer/cache capacity requirement in time shift requirement Chris Needham 2014-08-05
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Chris adds content segmentation related requirement for triggers Chris Needham 2014-08-05
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Bin add channel sorting and filtering related requirement from ETRI in general channel requirement Bin Hu 2014-08-05
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Link to the requirement and circulate the skeleton document Sung Hei Kim 2014-08-12
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Grant skim13 access to the github repository Bin Hu 2014-08-12
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Talk with yosuke and somebody from iptvf-j about hybridcast 2.0 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-09
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Look into oipf Paul Higgs 2014-09-09
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Create the spec table on the wiki Bin Hu 2014-09-09
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Work with yosuke on cable stb spec as well Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-09
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Label the requirements Chris Needham 2014-09-09
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Start email discussion with yosuke regarding tpac agenda Bin Hu 2014-10-07
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Send invitation to hbbtv to present at tpac Bin Hu 2014-10-07
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Create requirements mapping table Alexander Futász 2014-10-07
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Contact mozilla to see if they will contribute their api to the group Bin Hu 2014-12-02
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Contact mozilla to ask if someone there wants to become an editor of the spec Bin Hu 2014-12-02
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Contact hbbtv regarding their specification Bin Hu 2014-12-02
ACTION-22 (edit) closed And kaz to add a column to the mapping table to measure the progress of our specification. Daniel Davis 2015-01-27
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Email the mailing list regarding the recording.series requirement and proposed solutions Alexander Futász 2015-02-24
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Look at the media capture and streams api and compare against our recording and timeshifting requirements Paul Higgs 2015-04-14
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Look at the timeshifting requirements and the html video element Chris Needham 2015-03-17
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Contact sean and add emergency alert requirements to the spec Bin Hu 2015-02-24
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Work on triggered interactive overlay requirements Bin Hu 2015-02-24
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Share wiki page containing feedback from japan tv dev meetup Daniel Davis 2015-03-24
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Look further into timeshifting and mediastream api rationale Chris Needham 2015-03-24
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Skim the work done by the media pipeline tf and let this cg know Kazuyuki Ashimura 2015-04-21
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Ask yosuke to share the meet-up report with the group Kazuyuki Ashimura 2015-04-21
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Add column to gap analysis/requirements table for genivi ideas Kazuyuki Ashimura 2015-05-19
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Send to the mailing list an initial list of changes to the tuner api Paul Higgs 2015-06-16
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Email daniel burnett with our mediastream findings Kazuyuki Ashimura 2015-06-16
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add offline recording to the list of tuner api changes Paul Higgs 2015-06-16
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Look at the requirements from the media pipeline tf Chris Needham 2015-09-01
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Update the progress measurement table for recording, timeshifting, and triggered overlays Sean Lin 2015-07-14
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Propose an api spec for conditional access systems Sung Hei Kim 2015-09-01
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Look into parental control Paul Higgs 2015-09-01
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Look at existing requirement gaps for channel and programme data Paul Higgs 2015-09-01
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Verify the cas-related changes proposed. Sean Lin 2015-10-06
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Review the emails around and implement/remove requirement. Sean Lin 2015-10-06
ACTION-43 (edit) closed look into security models (esp. Automotive WG) to give inputs on the security model Chris Needham 2016-02-16
ACTION-44 (edit) closed add user stories to the automotive use case comparison spreadsheet (Ryan Davis) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-02-16
ACTION-45 (edit) closed add categorisation to the Function Owner column in the automotive use case comparison spreadsheet (Ryan Davis) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-02-16

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