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Draft Plan

  • Define a general traffic domain, including a minimal set of information about a traffic incident: ID, Date, General type, location, urgency and level of service. This information is more or less the same information that RDS-TMC (ISO 14189).
  • Describe a list of traffic subdomains (Accident, Roadworks, Management, etc.) and a set of reusable domains (Vehicle classifications, data quality description, etc.), which could be used for the rest.
  • Work on each of these subdomains in order to extend the general traffic domain.
  • Define some use cases and examples for the use of the ontologies.


  • Specifications:
    • General traffic domain. General specification, use cases and examples.
    • Reusable traffic subdomains. General specifications.
    • Subdomains (Accident subdomain, roadworks subdomain, etc.).
  • Website sections:
    • Status.
    • Overview.
    • Linked Data (other ontologies used by traffic ontology).
    • Examples.
    • History.