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The aim of the W3C Solid Community Group is to publish Solid specifications describing how to build Solid as well as coordinate the collaboration between those who are building Solid.

Read more about Solid on

The Solid specifications can be found on:

Weekly W3C Solid Community Group Calls

There are weekly recurring W3C Solid Community Group calls which are open for anyone to join. Find the details on If you would like to start a conversation add the item to the wikis or contact the W3C Solid Community Group chairs and they will add your item to the agenda for you.

Annual Face-to-Face W3C Solid Community Group Workshop

There are preliminary plans for an annual face-to-face meeting possibly in Paris in December. If you have thoughts on how best to prepare and what items you would like to raise please add them here below.

  • general re-introductions
  • defining the problems that Solid addresses
  • split off into panel conversations to generate proposals
  • gather feedback on how the past year has gone
  • draft ideas around visions for the coming year
  • go to dinner
  • (insert ideas for face to face preparation and agenda)