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Social Business Community Group

A Social Business capitalizes on new ways of connecting with people and content to transform how value is created and business gets done.

The W3C community is made up of practitioners of Social Business who are intent on use case driven guidance to the standards process in the social technology area.

Add your voice to the community and shape the future of Social Business technologies.

Social Business Community Group Approved Charter

  1. Approved Charter


  1. A CTO's Guide to Social Business, Version 1 Final - .doc format
  2. W3C Social Business Jam Results
  3. Social Platform Definition Page
  4. Sample Use Case Document
  5. Archived - brainstorm of ideas and content for whitepaper
  6. Block Diagram transferred from Social Web Headlights Task Force
  7. PDF of a Mind Map attempting to describe the focus and deliverables of the SBCG
  8. W3C TPAC2012/Social Web Notes

Reworked CTO Guide

  1. A CTO's Guide to Social Business, Version 1 Final - .doc format
  2. Word version of Intro to SB material from CTO Guide
  3. Word version of Steps to SB material from CTO Guide
  4. Word version of Components of SB material from CTO Guide


Proposed schedule

12/15 - Document Outline Complete (Section Leads assigned)

01/14 - First Draft Complete

01/21 - First Draft Comments Received

01/28 - Second Draft Complete

02/04 - Second Draft Comments Received

02/11 - External Draft Complete

02/25 - External Draft Comments Received

03/11 - Paper Published

  1. Convergence of Social Mobile Locale and Cloud - Collaboration with CSCC V3 - doc format

Use Case Documents

  1. Use Case Draft Template
  2. Use Case Draft Profile Management
  3. Continuous Integration Use Case
  4. Social Business Use Case - Healthcare Staffing
  5. Order Approval Use Case
  6. Business Process Visibility Use Case

Social Business Workshop Call For Participation

  1. Working Draft Workshop Call For Participation
  2. Working Draft Workshop Call For Participation Infographic

Social Business Community Group Go Sheet

  1. Current Go Sheet
  2. Go Sheet Overview

Related Links

Links here are related to work and/or discussions we have had during our work group meetings

  1. Aspects Of A Social Network
  2. Thoughts on a Social Business Evolution Framework

Non-reviewed material in the Federated Social Web