From Linked Data Models for Emotion and Sentiment Analysis Community Group

Log of the meetings held by the Community Group.


5 Attendees: Gabi Vulcu (NUIG), Felix Burkhardt (Deutsche Telekom Labs), Fernando Sánchez (UPM), Michael Petychakis (NTUA), Pavel Velikhov

  • Introduction of a new member, Pavel Velikhov.
    • Highlight of the need for finer grain definition of emotions, especially for aspect-based sentiment analysis
  • Publication:
    • Review of contributions
    • Gabi's research on applications is interesting, it has to be extended and written according to extension constraints
    • Depending on the venue, we will adapt the content
    • Currently, the section on tools is more complete (e.g. GATE), but is missing content
  • General:
  • Action points
    • Updating the list of venues for publication. Ideally, deadlines not sooner than 2 months

The next meeting will be tentatively on Tuesday 21th July, 13.00 CEST.


4 Attendees: Gabi Vulcu (NUIG), Felix Burkhardt (Deutsche Telekom Labs), Fernando Sánchez (UPM), Michael Petychakis (NTUA)


5 attendees: Michael, Björn, Viviana, Carlos, Fernando Topics:

  • Target/venue for publication
    • Michael proposed the “Linked Data on the Web” workshop at the WWW conference. Deadline in 2 weeks.
    • We agree on aiming for that workshop, and re-evaluate as the deadline approaches
  • Workflow and plan for publication:
    • Focus on current situation: overview of models and motivation the CG
    • Shared document online
    • Tentative title: Linked data models for emotion and sentiment analysis: an Overview
    • We will look for ways to assemble the final document
    • Viviana proposes commenting on use cases, such as Semotica
    • Once published, the content of the paper will be included in the wiki
  • AOB:
    • There were issues with the Powwownow conference. From now on, we will try to meet on Skype.
    • There are issues with timezones and exact times of the calls might not be clear


  • Follow up on last meeting's tasks
  • Discussion about the introductory email
  • Progress of Survey/Position paper, including targets for publication
  • Summary of dissemination efforts (SMEs, other groups)
  • Discussion about tools/methodologies to improve the work in the group
  • AOB


  • Status of the CG (mailing list, group, etc.)
  • Report from ICMI 2014 and ISWC2014
    • ICMI
      • ~20' talk about the CG - Björn
      • The audience was interested in the link to AAAC
    • ISWC
      • Lightning (~4') talk about the CG - Fernando
    • Conclusion:
      • We need to define the protocol to introduce new people to the mailing list, and an introductory email/message.
      • Our relationship to AAAC should be made clear and be part of the wiki. The discussion will take place in the mailing list.
  • Discussion about the Survey/Position paper
    • Contributors
      • Leave it open to all members, checking the participation in the wiki history and the mailing list
    • Abstract or aim
      • State of the art of LOD and Sentiment/Emotion Analysis.
    • Contributions needed
      • Every member should add information about related projects
  • Relevant events, activities and meetings
  • Improvements and further steps
    • Get SME interested in the CG, gather use cases
    • Link EmotionML and LOD
  • AOB (Any other business)
    • Any company can get in the CG without paying the W3C fee
    • There are special arrangements for SME in W3C
    • Next meeting 7th January
    • Check the license of the Wiki
    • Awards/badges for the most active contributors, using the history of the wiki

Total: 45'


  • Presentation of the content of the wiki
    • Addition of Datasets and useful resources
    • Description of basic concepts (e.g. definition of sentiments/emotions, theories, applications, etc.)
  • Promotion and dissemination
    • Proposal of rendezvous during the ISWC 2014, 19-23 October 2014, and announcement on related mailing lists
    • Proposal of presentation during the 16th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2014), Istanbul, Turkey, 12-16 November 2014
    • Addition of materials to the wiki
  • Integration of people from a non-technical background in the community group
  • Discussion about future contribution, such as publications.


Second meeting with 9 attendees.

  • Introduction of the members
  • Short introduction about related projects and initiatives
  • Discussion about the aims and motivation of the community group
  • Discussion about internal aspects: meetings, communication channels, possible meetings, etc.

From this meeting on, the group will meet every first Wednesday of the month.


Community group short kick-off.

  • Introduction of the members
  • Discussion about the aims and motivation of the community group
  • Arrangement of the first meeting after vacation period