Commitments and requirements

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Healthcare Schema Vocabulary Community Group Commitments and requirements:

Version : Draft 1
Version date: 2015-08-20T00:00:00+00:00
Status  : Unapproved

Priorities are indicated using the keywords MUST, SHOULD, MAY, SHOULD NOT, and MUST NOT as defined in RFC 2119.

1. ScheMed concepts mappings

(SHOULD) We should always, where it's possible map all concepts to existing concept definitions elswhere (SNOMED CT, HL7, ICD).

2. Vocabulary format

(MUST) The working format for this community is RDFa.

3. Vocabulary content

(MUST) The extension content includes classes and properties focusing on most used in medical, clinical or other health related field ones. There is no intention to cover the entire health/medical domain.

4. Neutral about clinical information models

(MUST) The extension vocabulary is neutral about clinical information models. It doesn't promote any of them, it's main goal is to provide all needed concepts (classes/predicate) useful for most of existing models. In this sense it will help in interoperability between them.