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Proposals for the areas that this group should focus upon, or not focus upon.

eg. This group will not work on defining a replacement for MARC.

Definition of scope will help us identify when this group is finished.

Data Publishers: The intended extension should be useful by for diverse individuals and organizations (e.g. authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, social cataloging websites, universities) publishing bibliographic data on the web.

Data consumers: Consumers of the data will be search engines, respectively people that use search engines.

Bibliographic Information: The term "bibliographic information" is interpreted quite broadly. It not only covers descriptions of bibliographic resources, of authors etc. but also information about where and how a bibliographic resource can be obtained (lend, bought, streamed etc.) and by whom/under what conditions.

Bibliographic Resources: The term "bibliographic resource" is interpreted quite broadly and may comprise for example (e)books, articles, movies, music albums, songs etc.

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