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Meeting Call 14th August 2013 - 11:00am EST


  • Comments on previous meeting
  • Topics
    • Progress on Holdings
    • Overview on Dan Scott's discussions on the public-vocabs list re: broadening definition of Offer (If Dan is on the call)
    • additions to since last meeting
  • AOB


  • Holdings - Prepare the Offer based proposal to be ready to propose, remove discussion and comparison with other options. Make suggestions for updated description text, possible additional and/or deprecated properties on current types to make them more generic and less 'commercial only' focussed. Also apply same process to GoodRelations equivalents. Intend to approach Martin Hepp to gain comment/support when proposing. - Dan Scott taking lead but others expected to help
  • Work Relationships - Take one final look at the property names part of this proposal. Ask list to then support proposing this, recognising that their some consensus on the shape of the proposal, only real concerns over property names. - Richard
  • AudioBook - Complete proposal, reflecting current discussions in meeting and on list, and circulate for comment - Karen & Dan (Carried over from last month)

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

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