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Meeting Call 11th December 2012 - 11:00am EST


  • Comments on previous meeting
  • Topics
  • Documenting proposals
  • AOB
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 11:00am EST


  • Publish in wiki currently available examples from WorldCat and Evergreen - OCLC (Richard, Jeff, Diane) + Dan Scott
    • Carry over from previous meeting
    • Dan Scott provided links examples in an Evergreen system via mailing list.
  • Markup proposed example for extension to schema:CreativeWork to allow referencing of a more abstract instance of a Work (eg. pointing to the 'work' from a manifestation) and of a more specific version of the work (eg. from a conceptual work to its expressions or manifestations) - Richard W.

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Jeff Young to Everyone(04:13:50 PM)
From Antoine to Everyone(04:18:04 PM)
[ hmm unbelievable, I hear a trumpet now in the room above mine! You won't hear me soon ;-) ]
From Jeff Young to Everyone(04:19:51 PM)
From Antoine to Everyone(04:48:36 PM)
Karen: I disagree: in BFI "BIBFRAME Instances reflect an individual, material embodiment of a BIBFRAME Work that can be physical or digital in nature. "
From Antoine to Everyone(04:48:42 PM)
Instances are Items
From Graham @ EDItEUR to Everyone(04:49:59 PM)
@Antoine Bibframe 'Instances' are closest to FRBR 'Manifestations' (not to FRBR items)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:50:06 PM)
From Antoine to Everyone(04:51:04 PM)
Thanks for the examples, Karen.
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:51:05 PM)
@Antoine, @Graham -- that's my understanding as well: BFI Instance roughly FRBR Manfestation, BFI Annotation can be used to hold FRBR Item. W&E combined in BFI Work
From Antoine to Everyone(04:52:14 PM)
OK, they would have W/E, M and then I.
From Antoine to Everyone(04:52:33 PM)
Exactly the kind of layering that Richard was describing 30 min ago?
From Antoine to Everyone(04:52:45 PM)
(in relations with GR view on books)
From Graham @ EDItEUR to Everyone(04:53:16 PM)
@Antoine Yep. And the W/E is what indecs would call Abstraction (and what in the ISTC worlds would be called a 'work')
From pkirly to Everyone(04:55:29 PM)
bye! same to you!