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Examples Library

The examples library is a collection of wiki pages emulating the proposed markup for Creative Works of various types. The objective is to demonstrate vocabulary usage, and markup proposals. To that end html design has not been the major focus. For clarity and simplicity, the style, color, bold, etc, elements that have been used have be dropped from the example markup code.

Example elements from Schema:CreativeWork and other types have been included. In real examples more data elements, where available, would be expected. Also for simplicity in the initial draft some properties (eg. schema:author) which would probably contain the text value of their name, in addition to an authoritative description (eg. http://viaf.org/viaf/59083797), only the link is included.

Again for simplicity of implementation in the wiki, all resources have URIs located in the Examples Library. In the real world you would expect to find some of the resources on, and therefore with URIs from, external systems such as publisher sites.

Finally it must be noted that the librarian in charge of the Examples Library has an obsession with a certain well known science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. Fortunately this provides us with a wealth of possible examples in our domain.

The Catalogue Index

Reference/Example Type of Resource Notes
A0 Book - approx Expression
A1 Hardback - Approx Manifestation + Holding
A2 eBook - approx Manifestation
A3 Paperback - approx Manifestation
A5 Hardback - approx Item
A6 Work
A7 Box Set - approx Manifestation Only 1 member of set is linked
A8 Audiobook - approx Manifestation
A9 Super-work
A10 Movie - approx Manifestation

Map of the Library


Dune Model2.jpg