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This release is founded on those proposals that were held over from release 1.0.

Target release date - undecided.

Type/Property Parent/Domain Description Examples Status
Kit CreativeWork A collection of various components (CreativeWorks, products, artefacts) collected and described as a unit. No one component is identifiable as the predominant component of the collection. Examples include packages of assorted materials, for study as part of an educational curriculum topic (books, workbooks, guides, activities, etc.), or packages of educational test materials (tests, answer sheets, scoring guides, score charts, interpretative manuals, etc.). N U
PublicationSeries Series A set of related creative works that are generated in sequence over time. N U
Toy Product An item that can be used for play. N U
AudioBook BookFormatType Book format: Audio book. (Propose an AudioBook type Book+MediaObject+AudioBook specific properties) N U
Globe CreativeWork A three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe or geographical globe) or other celestial body such as a planet or moon. N U
Meeting Event A meeting: when two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal setting. N U
MusicScore CreativeWork Handwritten or printed music notation N U
CartographicMap MapCategoryType Map Category:A cartographic / geographic map . N U
GraphicNovel BookFormatType Book format: GraphicNovel. May represent a bound collection of ComicIssue instances. N U
LargePrintBook BookFormatType Book format: Large-print book. (Propose using accessibilityFeature with a value of 'largePrint' instead.) N U
PrintBook BookFormatType Book format: Print book. Used in cases where the book format is unknown or otherwise not covered by specific formats such as schema:Paperback, schema:Hardcover, etc.. (Discussion of need for this and possible replacement by a PrintBook type - or is that just a Book?) N U


Type/Property Parent/Domain Description Examples Status
BoxContainer Container A container in the form of a box. Y U
Container Product A basic container type for physically holding, in the looses sense, other things. From boxes and cartons to a fenced area such as a field Y U
FolderContainer Container A container in the form of a folder, such as a manilla folder or a computer file folder. Y U
Shelf Container A shelf containing items or containers. Y U
contains Container A Thing contained in the container. Y U
containedIn Container
The basic containment relation between places/containers. Y U