SkypeCon 2.5.2016

From RDF Stream Processing Community Group


  • Discuss outline
  • Assign editing Tasks

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Organizational Issues

Progress in the next few months. Every participant for the spec document should use Respec (

Model document

Tara created Milestones Filter in the GitHub-Repository. The improvement of the documents are listed as Bugs in the Repo ->


Draft Version before 8.March - focusing on points of issues, list some objects, but not a coherent document evaluate this version by putting it online, i.e. put a link from community group project to the document (this is our main GOAL)

Author-List: Find out who they are and their association, they will receive issues from the repository. An exemplary, not complete list ( e.g. it will be extended by GitHub Activity):

Editor: Jean Paul

Authors: Daniele, Danh, Minh, Tara, Peter, Bernhard

First Task: Name and Institution in the Author List -> make sure that the wiki-system is working,

Anyone can issue a pull request, so it not necessary to be linked to the repository. Task assigning is done via issues rather than sections.

prototyped Sections: Stream Merger and Union Operations Section, cut section of Window function, e.g. count based window function and time / count bounded substream are linked to window function

Requirements document

We should have there something like Optional Requirements


JP will mention this explicitly on the mailing system.