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  • What do you want the Print & Page Layout Community Group to do?
  • What should its deliverables be?
  • How can this Community Group aid the development of print & page layout technologies at the W3C?
  • What should its relationship to the XPPL WG be?

Add your thoughts here!

  • Validation The CG could look at the best way to validate XSL-FO files. This was a major problem among people at the XSL-FO meetup at XML Prague 2012.
  • DaveP. To help with this (using grammar based validation) simplify the complexities of the CSS based syntax, e.g. for such as color.
  • Compatibility matrix The CG could crowd-source information about available XSL-FO processors and their implemented FOs and properties so users can see what's available and also what's portable between processors
  • List resources List links to resources available on the Web.
  • List companies using XSL-FO It would be nice to see how widely XSL-FO deployed. We can later ask those companies for more active participation in order to get new version of XSL-FO with new features out.
  • Bring a standard way of relating font usage to font information on disk. Currently not very portable between implementations.
  • Is there a middle ground between CSS and XSL-FO? Shared vocabulary where it is feasible, shared semantics if not syntax, with add-ons where this is not possible.
  • Is there a way to apply some properties of the layouted page (e.g. page breaks) back to the source file (e.g. as an anchor in a Docbook or XHTML file)?
  • Consider what might be needed for mobile device layout

Where might any spec from this CG go? What could / might happen to it?