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New Work Items

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New Work Items

Being items developed by the Community group.

Formatter Feedback

  1. . Ken Holman. Fit this (block id) into this (area) space using:

Prioritized list of variable parameters. (E.g. reduce font reduce line spacing ....) Collated in 2.0 WD section 4.11 (I believe this is open to the public)

  1. . DC. Better (than what?) ToC and Page reference feedback. TBC. DP: Provide page number of last page containing content.

  1. . PG. 9.41 8 Feb I believe this to be a variant of Ken Holman ideas?
put text onto virtual page
if height(virtual page) < remaining space on this page then
  put page into pdf
  retypeset the virtual page with a smaller font
  goto start
put virtual page into pdf
  1. . LQ. Making one object the same width or height as another,

asking whether a piece of text (as) fits in a given space so as to give alternate content (which we did discuss), and accessing font metrics for positioning all come to mind. DP. I like the idea of 'fit this block', if it doesn't fit (with or without parameters) then 'fit this other' block.

  1. . From the 2.0 WD Line number within a page Page based footnote numbering