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This is the wiki for the "Print & Page Layout" (ppl) Community Group. Every group member can edit these pages.

Recently Active Items

For an up-to-date view of recent activity, see the "Recent Changes" link in the sidebar.

XSLT Extension For Accessing Area Tree

See XSLTExtensions for an experiment in accessing the area tree from a formatter run using an XSLT extension function.

Customer requirements in print

Frequently and less frequently stated requirements by print customers CustomerRequirements

Not So Recently Active Items

Wish List

Now that you have a Community Group, what do you want to do with it? Add your thoughts to the Wish List.

Work flow,

Some early ideas on WorkFlow

XSL-FO processors

See XSL-FO Processors

New Work Items

See New Work Items


See Public Stylesheets

Useful Links

ppl Links

Wiki hints

Mercurial hints

To clone the ppl repository on the command line:

hg clone

If you're using a GUI such as TortoiseHg, the GUI will provide a way for you to specify as the repository location.



XSL 2.0

XSL 1.1

XSL 1.0

XSL-FO Bugzilla Issues


CSS Break


CSS Region

CSS Color

CSS Text

CSS Page

CSS MultiColumn